Losing Weight Without The Gym Membership

Losing Weight Without The Gym Membership

Do you keep on seeing all those slim and toned girls floating in and out of your local gym? It can feel like a costly and long-term membership is the only option for losing weight. However, it’s not.

There could be lots of reasons why you don’t want to part of a gym. For some of us, we want to get fit in private, without the watchful eyes of others. It could be that joining is too expensive, or that your nearest centre is too far away.

Whatever the reason, just because you don’t have a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. Here are some alternative ways you might want to consider.

Quit smoking

As well as drying out your skin, staining your teeth and potentially giving you cancer, smoking has another downside. However, it is one that some people don’t know about. Women’s Health have a great article called ‘Smoking May Actually Make You Gain Weight’. In the article, they discuss a scientific study that found that obese women who smoked enjoyed sweet treats more than non-smokers did. There have been dozens of other experiments that have had similar findings.

Furthermore, think about it logically. Stopping smoking will increase your energy. The more energy you have, the more inclined and able you will be to exercise. And exercising helps you lose weight. Stop smoking and rather than seeing the weight go on, you’ll see it fall off.

Reduce your drinking

How is this for a shocking fact? “People who consider themselves average wine drinkers consume an excess of 2,000 calories per month – the equivalent of 141 ice creams a year.”  This is said in an article by the Daily Mail, which explores the different ways drinking equals weight gain. When compared to ice cream consumption, it is far easier to see why excessive drinking can be such a problem.

Consider supplements

When it comes to picking a dietary supplement, go with a reputable brand who you can trust. Also, dig out honest reviews from people who have already used the product. Read Forskolin reviews here. This product, in particular, is said to be good for weight loss, particularly on the belly.

Make a home gym

If the main reason you don’t want to join a gym is because you want to get into shape in private, this is a great solution. Making a home gym is a great solution for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you buy second-hand equipment, it doesn’t have to be any more expensive that a gym membership. Plus, there are loads of other benefits. There is no queuing for your favourite equipment. You have total control of the music or TV channels. And your own gym is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with zero commuting time!

Eat healthy

There is nothing wrong with a treat every now and again. However, these treats should be had in moderation. Make sure you have a colourful diet; that is one with lots of different fruits and veg in it. Replacing a fatty takeaway with a homemade salad will see the pounds dropping off.

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