Making Your Business Signs More Effective

Making Your Business Signs More Effective

There’s no doubt that business signs work, but it’s also true that some designs are simply more effective than others. A winning sign has certain characteristics that make it stand out and attract more attention. Before placing an order for your new display, consider these steady markers of a great sign that’s sure to get you noticed.

Go Big

When it comes to retail signage, bigger actually is better. Small signs are overlooked, but something that can be seen from the street will help customers find you. Bold colors help, and illumination is vital if your sign will be visible at night and in bad weather.

Easy to Read

There are so many fonts to choose from, but don’t lose sight of the fact that people still need to read your sign. If the fonts are overwhelming, the message may be lost. Stick with basic and clear fonts that can be quickly skimmed and understood. Watch your colors as well. It doesn’t matter what shades you use as long as you have strong contrast between the wording and background.

Keep it Simple

Customers are in a hurry, and they’re not looking for a lot of details initially. Your signs should be short and to the point so that people can get the most basic information they need and make a split-second decision. Remove the fluff so that your sign cuts to the heart of the matter quickly.

Make it Personal

When you’re creating an advertising sign, go for the personal touch by saying you or yours. It grabs attention, makes it more specific, and improves the chance that you’ll close the deal. You can also have fun with your signs and make little jokes to help it grab attention. If your sign manages to go viral because someone was entertained by it, then you’ll get a ton of free advertising.

Invest in Quality

If your sign will be outdoors, then it must be weatherproof. Likewise, signs inside the store should be durable to withstand being moved around by staff, touched by small children, and bumped into by people. A sign that looks rough around the edges won’t attract customers, so you want it to look great for a good long time.

Before you order new signs, take the time to carefully consider your message and design. Creating an eye-catching sign that’s easy to read will help you boost sales and improve your bottom line.

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