Meerkat to Introduce New Features after Twitter Snub

Meerkat to Introduce New Features after Twitter Snub

On Friday, the social networking platform that we know as Twitter made a move for restricting Meerkat, a live video startup, from using some of the tools it offers. This ended up motivating the young company instead of a disappointment and it has speeded up the process of developing a wide array of new features after Twitter Snub. Chief executive and co-founder of the parent company of Meerkat, Life on Air, Ben Rubin shed some light onto his plans of expanding the service. He made this statement on Sunday, at the South by Southwest conference being held in Austin, Texas, just two days after the ability of Meerkat of pulling information about the follower base of a user was disconnected by Twitter.

This action by Twitter was a major blow for the new startup as it had been dependent on Twitter’s tool for assisting users in finding their existing friends on its video service. The chief executive and co-founder said that in the past two days, there had been a considerable slump in growth even though it did managed to become one of the most talked about social applications at the annual gathering of tech professionals in Austin. In response to the move made by Twitter, Rubin declared that they plan to introduce new tools that can be used by users for discovering their friends and others.

The CEO said that Twitter’s restriction had only escalated Meerkat’s decision making as they had no intention of relying on Twitter forever and did indeed plan to offer users a way for searching for people and discovering their friends on the video service. People can use Meerkat for broadcasting a live video stream from their mobile devices and send invitations to users for viewing these feeds by posting a link on the social network. Currently, the end of the broadcast means that the links disappear.

However, it is the plan of the chief executive to come up with tools that will enable users to store and publish those videos so they will have the opportunity of replaying it again. He said that their intention was to allow users of Meerkat to have control over their content. The service took only two weeks for amassing more than 120,000 users ranging between celebrities such as Tony Hawk, the skateboarder broadcasting himself, churches streaming their events and services and journalists providing a look at protests being held in Ferguson, Mo.

It is believed that the reason for the restriction by Twitter may be its own live streaming service, which is under development. Last Friday, an announcement was made by the company about the acquisition of a live-streaming app called Periscope, which is yet to be made available to the public. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed by Twitter, but it purchased the application in January and under a price of $100 million, according to some inside sources. Instead of being angry, Rubin used a reverent tone for referring to their competitor and said that they had to respect their rules.

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