Movies About Casinos

Movies About Casinos

The casino is much more than gambling, it is a way of living. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there are so many movies about the casino. These would probably make you consider gambling yourself, so be aware of which online casinos you decide to go with. Finding trusted online casinos could be hard, but in the list you can find a lot of reputable online casinos Some of them are about gambling, but most of them are about everything else that comes with casino. Las Vegas, Atlantic City and many other cult places have always been an endless source of inspiration for writers and directors, so it’s no wonder that there are some really impressive movies on these topics.

Here are some of our favorite picks:

Casino (1995)

It simply can’t be a bad movie when it’s directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese and when some of the main roles belong to names like Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. Moreover, this is one of the best casino movies of all time. It shows both the flashy and dark side of Las Vegas. A mob-connected casino operator, a gangster friend from childhood, corrupted politicians, violence, love affairs and similar things are perfect ingredients for a casino movie, and this one has all of them.


Rounders (1998)

Rounders is a perfect movie for those who like poker and other card games. A young reformed gambler starts to play again, in order to pay debts of his best friend and deal with the Russian mafia. The story is quite typical, but when you have names like Matt Damon, Edward Norton and John Malkovich in a movie, nothing can go wrong.


Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Like Rounders, this movie also has a pretty typical story. A bunch of thieves tries to heist three major casinos in Las Vegas at the same time and make the biggest casino robbery of all time. The screenplay is actually more than decent, while director Steven Soderbergh did a great job. Still, the best thing about the movie is the crew, which consists of several major Hollywood names, such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts etc.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

The cult movie from the 90s is amazing in so many ways. First of all, it shows the dark side of Las Vegas, while the roles of Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro are more than impressive. This is a story about a sports journalist that goes in Las Vegas for a story, but things eventually go in a completely different direction. Lots of drugs, encounters with police, drug dealers and all kinds of troubles is something you will see in this movie. A real masterpiece!


The Hangover (2009)

Of course, there are also many comedy casino movies and The Hangover is among the best. Doug and his friends are going to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. In the beginning, everything seems great. However, things will soon become quite complicated. In the morning, they don’t remember anything, Doug is missing, while there is a tiger in the bathroom…


The Gambler (1974)

The legendary movie from the 70s is all about the troubles that gambling addiction can bring. A respected professor is actually an addicted gambler, who brings nothing but misery to his family and friends. He borrows money, then steals and go deeper and deeper. A great movie that shows how far addicted persons can go.

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