Mr. Robot Review; An Intriguing and Brilliant Performance

Mr. Robot Review; An Intriguing and Brilliant Performance

While HBO, FX and AMC and a few others often find it easy to achieve acclaim rather easily, the rest of the television hosts some shows, which may be good, but don’t receive the recognition that they usually deserve. There is no network that suffers this treatment as much as USA. Even though it is home to Raw, the main franchise of WWE and was once the epitome of fun, easy to write-off series such as White Collar and Burn Notice have prevented the network from gaining any major acclaim even though it is the deliverer of one of the best television shows titled ‘Suits’. However, the ‘viewing elite’ may change their mind about not giving the network its due and may reconsider this opinion thanks to USA’s latest drama called Mr. Robot.

Starring Rami Malek, the show is based on the journey of computer programmer Elliot, who works at a security firm by day and plays the role of vigilante hacker by night. Throughout his life, Elliot has had difficulty in interacting with the world and people around him because of an anti-social disorder. However, everything changes when the hacker is faced with the biggest hack of his life. But, it soon comes to light that the hack was just the beginning of a much larger plan initiated by a mysterious man who is only known by the alias of Mr. Robot.

It would be hyperbolic to classify Mr. Robot as one of the best television shows by just viewing the pilot, but it is fair to say that it is one of the best premieres that any series has had in a while. Even though it moves at a quick pace, the episode is not confusing at all. The show doesn’t come off as pretentious or preachy and most importantly, none of the characters incite disgust or feelings of dislike. The morality of some characters may be questionable, but they cannot be hated. As far as the pilot is concerned, Mr. Robot contains a lot of positives.

Potential is one of the most important elements needed by every pilot. It has to present different avenues that can be explored in the next episodes. There are multiple directions seen in Mr. Robot that show that the series can travel for a couple of weeks, if not years. At the end of the episode, you will be left wanting a greater part of this world. Television usually moves in cycles and similar projects go into development at the same time mostly, even though they come from independent sources, because of a cultural feeling. A great example is spy dramas depicting government secrecy and outreach such as Nikita and Homeland.

Nowadays, the trend is about how outsiders feel about the world that seems ‘normal’ to the rest of us. Characters of this type are common in shows such as Scorpion, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, iZombie, Fresh off the Boat and now Mr. Robot. However, Mr. Robot may turn out to be the best of the lot. Judging by its pilot, USA’s latest can play with a lot of interesting and fascinating storylines. There are lots of themes that are just itching to be played out and numerous relationships that are primed for exploration.

Elliot is an excellent personality for weaving in and out of the underground and elaborate hacking scene of New York City. As far as the title character Mr. Robot is concerned, it is a mystery crafted rather beautifully, which is already giving rise to some unique questions that could just stun the audience in a way that most of the best shows are capable of. Barring the subsequent episodes of the series, Mr. Robot could actually turn out to be the series that puts USA up with the other top networks.

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