Not Just Referrals – Creating a Better Legal Marketing Plan

Not Just Referrals – Creating a Better Legal Marketing Plan

Your legal marketing plan shouldn’t have a sole focus. Rather, it must be a complete plan which embraces all the possible sources of clients.

Not to downplay the referrals.  They are very valuable particularly in that they’ve a snowball effect.  Creating a dependable base of suitable referral sources can help your law firm certainly and it’s a solid foundation to build up on.  As former clients and fellow attorneys refer you regularly, they come in to hone on just the clients you are preferably likely to take up, and this saves your time and makes wealth for all involved parties. As you produce more and more contented clients, the words spread and snowball effect goes on. You should send and get referrals certainly to non-competing lawyers.

Referrals should, however, be the only aspect of your active attorney marketing plan, which must include well-planned marketing and advertising based on research, trial and error, and testing. The first thing is that you at least should have a law firm marketing plan.  Do not simply branch it. If that has been your method of action to date, TODAY is the right time to take a chance and build up and employ a good marketing plan.

Your versatile law firm marketing strategy might include:

  • Current and relevant blog articles
  • Well-selected radio and TV outlets (sparingly)
  • Strategically placed billboards
  • Publishing your law firm’s newsletter
  • The new border of marketing is the Social Media. Make complete use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogging. All the attorneys in your firm should establish a LinkedIn profile. Especially, social Media is important for the smaller law firms, as a place where all of them can compete with the larger firms easily.
  • YouTube
  • Website videos
  • Receptions which offer associates and partners opportunities to meet with the prospective clients and the referral sources face-to-face
  • Spreading the words via marketing your firm with some well-placed brochures and flyers at events that attract crowds
  • Well-timed and systematic follow-ups on all the leads
  • You cannot do everything yourself. Allot each lawyer a lead quota.
  • Get your whole team excited about capitalizing your law firm marketing plan. Their interest will generate newer ideas and add much more manpower to your advertising activities.

Networking, networking, and networking!  Cannot say it enough! Go out and about!  Start conversations.  Give seminar presentation.  Market and publish your own success.  Ensure that your law firm is listed out in each legal directory.  Let everybody know about all the awards you have won, if any.  Publish legal white papers and articles. The way to quickly become well-known as the specialist in your industry is to write regarding it!  Create a relationship with local community newspaper and become their legal columnist! Don’t be scared of media; rather, utilize it to your benefit! Establish a good relation with all the media sources.

Keep your antennae always up.  As you follow your routine activities, keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities.  At times you can overhear any conversation and know that someone needs a lawyer.  That’s the right time to gently and politely speak up, letting any stranger know you may be of help.

After your clients’ cases are settled, survey former clients always for tips about how to better your services. Doing this enables you to capitalize on your strengths, be aware and remove your weaknesses, realize opportunities and minimize threats. As you do so and begin becoming well known as one among the best and the most dynamic law firms in the industry, you will draw in more clients automatically.

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