Nutrisystem Diet Review: Find out How Vanessa Lost Over 50lbs

Nutrisystem Diet Review: Find out How Vanessa Lost Over 50lbs

The Nutrisystem diet has become more and more popular over the past 10 years. When you join this diet, you receive food for 28 days. .You eat 6 portion controlled meals a day. Such a plan would help fire up your body’s metabolism, which would result in a relatively fast weight loss.

The Nutrisystem diet involves laying out all your macro nutrients smartly, with equal emphasis given to protein and fats (25% each) and a major emphasis given to carbs (50%). With the right mix and portions that Nutrisystem’s dietitians have set, the dieter’s nutrition is pretty balanced.

When I tried their plan, I was given a 28-day layout, wherein the food was delivered to my doorstep. All I had to do was heat it and eat it. Nutrisystem does recommend the addition of extras, like vegetables and fruits, and this would need to be bought from the store. But that apart, it was quite an easy diet to stick to. And Nutrisystem provided me with all of my favorite food items like tacos, pizzas, chicken and pasta.

Nutrisystem made sure that I don’t have to count the calories, as they are already doing it for me. This made the diet really easy, and removed any guilt and worry from overeating. As long as I stayed within the meal plan set for each day, I was losing weight.

Vanessa’s Success Story

Vanessa is your everyday woman with many responsibilities related to work and life. She used to be quite active during her teens, having made it big in softball. But sadly, as is common with life, sometimes you have to leave what you love. In 2010, she went through a ligament injury, which led her to gain more than 50lbs in a year!

But, Vanessa is not the one to be bogged down by such minor challegnges. Being of an iron will, she decided to change herself completely. That is when Vanessa found out about the Nutrisystem diet plan. And to quote her, “My perception about food has changed completely”. Vanessa has been on the Nutrisystem diet for a long time now and has seen a drastic change in her body fat. Nutrisystem diet has completely changed Vanessa’s perception about food.

Not only did Vanessa improved her eating habits, she started exercising. She recently finishied a mini marathon of 10K in Ashland, VA, in April 2016.

One thing I like about Nutrisystem is that you can follow the plan even when you are travelling. Here is Vanessa explaining how she does this:

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Why does Nutrisystem work so well?

There are many reasons to it, two of them have been mentioned below, so you could understand it better!

1. It is easy and convenient.

What is better than having a pre-cooked, healthy, as well as delicious food delivered dire to your doorstep? I believe nothing! Well, this is exactly what people at Nutrisystem do, they deliver the food, packed with the requisite macros right at your door. All you have to do is heat it and eat it, it’s that simple! Also, you don’t have to count calories, Nutrisystem does it for you!

  1. Affordable and cheap.

Nutrisystem is way cheaper when pitted against its competitors in the market. When compared to the likes of Jenny Craig, BistroMD, and DiettoGo, Nutrisystem comes at half the price. It only costs 10$/day. Just Imagine, for 10$ you could be as slim as you would have wanted, without having to count calories or sleeping hungry. Amazing, isn’t it?

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Nutrisystem’s diet plan. It worked wonders on my body and helped me feel like a new “me”.

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