PlayStation 4 to See a Huge Update

PlayStation 4 to See a Huge Update

Sony is trying to make its latest generation console, the PlayStation 4, dramatically better with the new update that it will launch on Thursday, March 26th. This will be a significant update to its video game console as it would introduce a variety of new features, which includes the ability of quickly resuming and suspending games on the console.

The company’s post on the official blog of the PlayStation revealed complete details about the upcoming update. ‘Yokimura’ is the code name of the new update and will enable the players to use the PS button for quickly hopping in and out of games. Pressing the button boot up games quickly when the console is in Rest Mode. The vice president of platforms marketing at Sony, John Koller said that the resume/suspend feature is not fully compatible with every game on the console.

Apart from that, the new update would also allow users to backup and restore content saved on the hard drive of the PlayStation 4 on a USB drive. The process of organizing parties and finding friends will also become more streamlined as some new social tools have also been included in the new update. Furthermore, the latest update will also bring forth other important features including automatic screenshots whenever a trophy is earned by players, verified accounts, and support for games running through Remote Play and Share Play at 60-frames-per second and automatic installation of any future software updates.

The updates to both PlayStation Vita handheld and PlayStation app are expected to be rolled out ahead of the PlayStation 4 update.

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