Put Talkspace in Your Back Pocket

Put Talkspace in Your Back Pocket

In your back pocket is a device that will never leave you alone. It is constantly beeping and alerting you to natural disasters across the world, old Facebook friends diagnosed with cancer or political drama. It keeps you distracted from important things. It distorts your perspective. This causes a lot of anxiety, and as anxiety creeps into your days, it takes a toll on your mental health.

But, even though technology is a bad master, it is a good servant. One of the innovative ways technology can be of service to you, is through an online therapy app like Talkspace. They use licensed therapists to help you work through anxiety, depression, and even marriage problems by using text and video messaging. It is available on both iPhone and Android as well as on your home computer. Therapists text you at least a couple times a day, and the conversation seamlessly works across all devices. This way you can start a conversation on your computer at home and continue it on your phone during your lunch break at work.

For many people, there are several hurdles to jump over when contemplating getting therapy. Will your friends and family judge you? Can you afford it? Do you have time? Who can you see? Talkspace takes away many of the barriers to seeking therapy. Knowing you don’t have to look someone in the eyes as you share your deepest thoughts, knowing you can take the time to formulate a coherent and clear answer to a question, knowing you can afford it, are all things that make using an online therapy app so engaging. It’s easy to sign up, it’s private, and it’s available when you need it.

Let’s say you are struggling with catastrophic thinking, with one thought leading to a cascade of even worse thoughts.

“Does this headache mean I have brain cancer?”

“Will the storm headed this way destroy my house?”

How do you deal with these thoughts? First, you need to learn to observe them. Texting your Talkspace therapist about your thoughts as they happen can help you see which ones are worth acting on, and which ones are just a part of catastrophic thinking. Once you begin to recognize the spiral into anxiety you can better deal with it. Second, you need to figure out why you are thinking this way. A therapist can help you figure out what is really going on behind the thoughts. Are you worried about your home being destroyed in a natural disaster because your marriage needs some help? Being able to shoot a text to your therapist any time you need to offload can help you challenge catastrophic thinking and get to the root of the problem. A therapist can help you formulate a strategy for recognizing and dealing with this kind of thinking.

With a thousand therapists helping a half a million people. It’s highly likely that there is a licensed therapist for you. One that has strategies, information, and advice for whatever you are struggling with. An online therapy app can provide hope and a path out of anxiety and depression, all from the convenience of your back pocket.

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