Reviewing Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Reviewing Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Movie buffs have developed a rather common perception these days that the best stories are those that revolve on things that have happened in reality. This point of view can be strengthened even further with the release of Hamari Adhuri Kahani this week. The love story depicted in the movie is based on the real life incidents of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s parents. The story basically revolves around the events that are set in motion when a rich business tycoon falls in love with a woman who is not only married, but also has a dark past. The plot line of the movie is rather basic and has been seen in other movies before as well.

However, some robust writing has allowed this story to click in a major way. Bhatt himself wrote the screenplay for Hamari Adhuri Kahani and instead of telling, it depends more on showing. Therefore, all the characters in the movie actually come off as relatable and full-fledged people. This helps in providing views with an engaging experience. There are several scenes in the movie that have been executed rather wonderfully. The scenes that stand out specifically are those that involve Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan because they are inflected with a touch of tenderness and melancholy.

Furthermore, some of the scenes around the climax are also powerful and will definitely strike a chord amongst people. Some components of the Indian mythology are also incorporated rather effectively. However, there are some sequences that involve Amala, which come off as a bit unconvincing and too melodramatic. In addition, the opening sequences of the movie seems to be never ending and has been drawn out rather excessively. In terms of performances, Vidya shows tremendous maturity in essaying the character of a suffering victim. Her act seems like the real thing because she underplays exactly where needed.

As a matter of fact, a large part of her performance can remind you of the performance that was delivered by Pooja Bhatt in ‘Zakhm’. A lively and energetic performance is delivered by Emraan Hashmi. He does rather well in romantic sequences. Furthermore, his rapport with his co-star is crackling and the chemistry between the two characters have formed the backbone of this movie by Mohit Suri. However, there are some sequences that the ‘serial kisser’ hasn’t been able to do so well such as the emotional and dramatic sequences. The biggest disappointment is Amala as she delivers a somewhat over the top performance. The performance of the veteran actress can only be termed as overacting.

Rajkumar Rao also fails to deliver the performance as the National Award Winner isn’t suitable for this kind of complex role, which requires a level of maturity. Apart from that, the cinematography is quite decent as the onscreen events are complimented by the locales ranging from the colorful gardens to the vast deserts. The editing is also good and paves way for a fluid narrative, but the opening scenes could have been better. The dialogues may come off as a bit dated, but the music holds tremendous appeal. It is a must-see for those who enjoy tragic love stories.

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