Rugby Player, Danny Jones, Dies On The Field

Rugby Player, Danny Jones, Dies On The Field

Death comes to all but at rare times it comes in odd ways. There have been only a handful of occasions when players died on the field. Football, the most popular sports in the world, has seen many deaths on the field and there are videos available of those death scenes on various video hosting websites. Just recently another incident has taken place in which a rugby player, namely Danny Jones, collapsed on the ground during the play and later announced dead. Danny Jones was currently representing Wales in rugby league. He has also represented Halifax and Keighley Cougars club.

Danny Jones was only 29 years old and before his death he had made 12 appearances for Wales. 2010 was his debut year and he had played an important role in winning European Championship final for this team against France. Danny Jones had also been a part of World Cup that took place in 2013. The reason for his death is said to be cardiac attack. He was replaced as the match began and right after the replacement he came down on the ground. He was treated by the paramedic staff available on the field at that time.

The many efforts by the paramedic staff proved unsuccessful. The match between the teams was put to a stop nearly 15 minutes after the incident. However, Danny could not be treated successfully and brought back to life. Keighley Cougars, the club he had represented in 150 matches, expressed its emotions at losing such an amazing player. The club called Danny the energy and life of their dressing room. The club said that the loss of such an amazing player and teammate was devastating for everyone in the club. Just recently another player, namely Gregory Mertens, had also died due to cardiac conditions.

Danny was married and had a family he was taking care of. He just had the blessing of being the father of twin babies 5 months ago. He has left his family mourning for him at such a young age. The professional career of Danny spanned over 12 years and during these 12 years he had always done a commendable job for the clubs and teams he was representing. Ralph Rimmer, the chief operating officer of RFL, also expressed his feelings about the loss of such a great player by saying that it is always devastating to see such young and talented players passing away like this.

He commended Danny’s efforts that he made throughout his career and said that it was his efforts and hard work that had made him famous. The chief also said that the entire rugby league will feel that it has lost someone special and important. He further expressed and forwarded his condolence to the family of Danny. Further details on what caused Danny to collapse on the field will be disclosed later. At the moment it is suspected that his death was a result of cardiac arrest. The team officials have also appealed from people to let Danny’s family deal with the whole situation in private.

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