Sales and Marketing Hybrids: A New Chapter in Sales and Marketing Books

Sales and Marketing Hybrids: A New Chapter in Sales and Marketing Books

If you are often in touch with the sales and marketing technology, you must have heard about sales enablement. Sales enablement is bringing the customer in front of the sales people like an open book. You want to give your sales people all the content and data that tells them about their customers and leads. Once they know their potential customers on a personal level, they can create more effective pitches and convert more leads into paying customers. However, there is something missing in the sales enablement concept.

Sales Enablement Is Not a Complete Solution

The aim of sales enablement is to empower the sales people so they can sell more. How do you empower salespeople? You give them customer-specific data and the right tools to take actions on the data available to them. Keep in mind that data is not enough for sales people. You have to give them data that makes sense. And that’s where the sales enablement tools come in. These tools help salespersons look at data in an actionable format. They are not looking at the data as some cool information. In fact, they use the data to base their future selling strategies on it.

But there is something missing in all this. You have put much of marketers are supposed to do on the plate of your sales people. That’s where the concept of sales and marketing hybrids comes in. Unless the people on your sales teams are hybrids, you cannot benefit much from all the data.

Sales Enablement with Sales and Marketing Hybrids

If you want your sellers to have a personalized relationship with customers, you will have to make customer data available to them from A to Z. In short, your sellers have to be your marketers. That might sound like a stretch but it is not. Sales and marketing hybrids are real people and the companies are working on this concept quickly. A plain and comprehensible definition of sales and marketing hybrids is available from the Business Development head at Vainu, Sara Larsen, in this video of her interview.

For your sales people to meet the rapid pace of demand by your customers well, you have to ensure smooth sales process. In fact, you have to eliminate all the tasks that are killing the sales momentum. It’s not that difficult of a task when you look at the fact that outsourcing and the use of several sales tools, such as Oneflow that can help them automate a big part of their daily mundane tasks.

Concluding Thoughts

The concept of sales and marketing hybrids is still quite fresh. As soon as companies start realizing the value of having sales experts who are also awesome marketers, they will adopt this model. Not to mention, there are some huge financial savings for them if they take advantage of sales and marketing hybrids. However, their upfront costs can be a bit higher because they will have to incorporate sales enablement software solutions that are designed around the idea that sales and marketing are not separate but parts of a single process.

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