Samsung and BlackBerry Join Hands

Samsung and BlackBerry Join Hands

A modified Samsung Electronics tablet was introduced by BlackBerry Ltd. that allows corporate and government users to gain access to consumer applications such as WhatsApp and YouTube while keeping their confidential and work-related information away from the prying eyes of crooks and spies. According to the head of the Secusmart unit at BlackBerry Christoph Quelle, the SecuTABLET, which is priced at $2,360 will be available in the third quarter of this year. By next year, the total number of units shipped in Germany will surpass 10,000. A higher number of these tablets will be sold by International Business Machines Corp., which is in charge of selling to worldwide companies, as per the information provided.

The 10.5 tablet of Samsung Electronics, IBM software and the microSD card of Secusmart make up the SecuTABLET for wrapping applications that contain sensitive information in a virtual container where malware cannot reach and harm them. The device is being evaluated by the security watchdog in Germany to see if it is suitable for classified government communication and approval is expected to be received by the end of the year, according to Mr. Quelle. He spoke out at the CeBIT technology conference that was conducted in Hanover, Germany and said that a smartphone wasn’t enough for the tasks that officials and executives needed to carry out.

A tablet is often needed and they have provided a unique combination of usability and security. He said that they didn’t want to take out the fun element from tablets. Secusmart was acquired by BlackBerry last year in an effort for winning over those customers that demand rigorous data security. The Waterloo, Ontario-based firm managed to sell some of its own Playbook tablets, but is moving from developing hardware to building software and security components in the devices of their competitors as there is a rapid increase in the number of cyber-attacks.

After the announcement, the share price of BlackBerry declined by 0.8% whereas IBM saw its price rise by 1%. The best part about the new tablet is that it integrates the technology of the BlackBerry maker with that of its rival in the mobile-device market. Last July, when Apple Inc. and IBM signed a deal for collaborating on mobile business applications, the share price of BlackBerry had taken a nosedive of about 12%. Recently, there has been an increase in the tension between allowing employers to secure phones and maintaining privacy as Hilary Clinton, former US Secretary of State uses a home-based server and single device for private communications and government work.

About 63% officials need access to unique software for doing various tasks, but they don’t like to use crypto phones as they have limited use for them. Secusmart has installed a small chip-card for making its devices both useful and safe. It is not possible to corrupt this card through malware targeting the operating system and it can encrypt data and voice. BlackBerry 10 devices were modified in this way and then sold to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor and members of her government.

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