SecureTribe Review

SecureTribe Review: Secure Social Networking Solution

In this world of social media, it has become fairly common of us to hear about people getting their account hacked or complaining about fake profiles carrying their pictures. This has become the norm these days, especially when you have weak passwords. Even if you implement full privacy procedures, anyone with access to the social network’s server will be able to view your photographs, videos and other personal information you have shared. For those people who don’t like sharing their information with outsiders, this can be a major downside of social networking. Does this mean they cannot be a part of today’s social media trend?

No, not if they opt to use SecureTribe App. This is a modern social network that’s different from the rest of the crowd because it offers you complete privacy and security. This means that when you are saving your photos and videos on SecureTribe, they cannot be accessed by anyone unless you have authorized them. Even if people have access to their servers, they will be unable to view your content because it is all decrypted. The social network provides you with full control over who can see your content. You can even have separate Tribes for your friends, family members and work colleagues.

It is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Since a Tribe can only be joined when an invitation is received, you can decide who you wish to include. This way, there is no overlap at all. Apart from these Private and custom Tribes, you also have the option of making Public Tribes. These are more preferable for models, celebrities, artists and bands who are looking for platforms for promoting their work. With these tribes, they can advertise their work to the entire SecureTribe community in one go. In fact, it can also be used for promotional purposes.

Graphic invites can be printed and posted offline. For instant, a graphic invite can be posted at the entrance of a concert by bands or artists. Fans who are part of their SecureTribe network can scan the invite with their iPhones and unlock special content like backstage passes and videos. Other than that, SecureTribe serves as a great social network for sharing all kinds of content with your loved ones in the most secure way. You can communicate through the built-in chat feature, easily master the beautiful and smooth interface and remain exclusive.

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