Simple Rock Climbing Tips for Beginners

Simple Rock Climbing Tips for Beginners

At first glance, rock climbing can seem like a very daunting experience. It can be confusing for even the most adrenaline-craving junkies to figure out the gear to get, the crazy slang to master, the steep heights to conquer and the very real possibility of death to face in case something goes wrong. With so much to learn and understand, it is quite easy for you to become overwhelmed. There is no need to worry; here are some simple rock climbing tips that can be useful for beginners willing to give it a try:

Use your feet

When most people start rock climbing, they are more focused on what is in front of them and grab at the nearest handhold. This means that they are mostly just dragging their feet. While upper arm strength is important, remember that real rock climbers have to use everything to make it to the top. You have to use your entire body, especially your feet because where you have placed your feet can make the difference in you reaching the next step or falling off. See some of the best climbing movies to learn the technique.

Don’t be afraid to fall

The idea of falling is very frightening to all the climbers. But some get so desperate and afraid that they just cling to the nearest hold. They may be paralyzed by fear and not be able to move. It is very important for you to trust your gear and rope because you may have to take a fall at some point. Your first fall will let you know that your harness and rope are doing their job and will aid you in overcoming your fear.

Stay consistent

Rock climbing is not a piece of cake; not every route is going to be simple and straightforward and you may not be able to climb right away. This is no reason to let yourself lose courage. Remember that it is only a part of the climbing process and the challenge is what often keeps people coming back to the sport. You might not succeed in the first few tries, but don’t be afraid to push yourself.

Find a belayer you can trust

First-time rock climbers are already nervous, especially when they are hanging off the side of a cliff off a rope they have only recently purchased. In this situation, the only thing you want to know is that the person on the other hand has your back. A good belayer is someone who will be focused on you and will keep you as safe as possible. Opt for someone with some experience and the same bodyweight as you.

Don’t hesitate in getting advice

It is not difficult to start your first rock climbing experience. You need a very small amount of gear and can start climbing with some very simple techniques. You can easily pick up the basics from your friends, but it is best to consult a pro initially to learn about the ins and outs as you don’t want to put your life at risk.

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