Some Interesting Tips On Women’s Sandal Trends and Basics

Some Interesting Tips On Women’s Sandal Trends and Basics

Not only are your toes exposed when you are wearing sandals, but you are also vulnerable to a minefield of faux pas in fashion. With that said, there is no denying that this type of footwear has been around for thousands of years and it is not going to simply fade away any time soon. Pulling sandals off is a piece of cake as long as you are aware of the basic guidelines that can help you in rocking them. The styles available in sandals range far and wide from wedge heels to gladiator style. This means that there is plenty you have to bear in mind when you are shopping for sandals and when wearing them. Read on to find out more about women’s sandal trends and basics.


If it is possible, always keep your closet stocked with a pair of neutrally-colored, naturally textured flat sandals. Casual footwear of this type aids in toning down the flashy and bright wardrobe colors and can also complement denim. If you want optima durability without sacrificing class, look for patent leather, suede or simple leather sandals. If hoofing it is in your plans, then sandals with absorbent insoles are a good choice because they cut down on feet odor and also provide a greater level of comfort.

When to Wear Sandals

Clog-style sandals, strappy flat sandals or simple leather can be paired with denim when you have to run some errands. A middle ground is offered by sandals with heels, which may not be effective for a gala, but they are great for a casual night out with the girls or daytime wear. On the other hand, if you are looking for sandals on formal occasions where a bit of open toe is acceptable, then you can consider classic ankle-cuff flats or gladiator style sandals. When wearing short skirts or just shorts, team flats will look great while lightweight dresses, cropped trousers and long skirts can be paired with wedge sandals. Pencil skirts are flattered with sleek sling-back sandals.

Subtle Flourishes

Once you have understood the basics of sandals, you can add a bit of flourish to your footwear. You can add interest to the sandals by putting rhinestones, gems or beads to the strap. These touches can be coordinated with secondary elements of your attire such as a handbag, hat or exposed undershirt for a streamlined look. Small bouquets or bows on the strap of the center are perennially in style and earthier aesthetics are complemented by natural stones. Add interesting lines and textures to simple outfits with a pair of flats that boast feminine straps.

Practical Practices

Pay attention to your feet when you are donning sandals. Use a pumice stone for exfoliating the skin and apply lotion to your feet on a regular basis. Go for a professional pedicure and you can match the color of your sandal straps with the nail polish you use. Use quick mist or deodorant on the soles of your feet for preventing any odor.

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