Sony Introduces PlayStation Flow and Closes Home

Sony Introduces PlayStation Flow and Closes Home

A new line of products has been introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in the form of the PlayStation Flow. This is the latest addition made by the firm in wearable technology industry and a bunch of emails sent to the users of PlayStation Plus users announced the introduction of the PS Flow to the world. In the emails, the Japanese firm boasts about how this new and innovative technology would be helpful for users in experiencing their games and can accomplish this goal in the best possible way as opposed to others because it uses submergible sensory technology, which is waterproof.

This new system was developed by the PlayStation Wearable Entertainment Technology (PWET), which enables the users to literally dive in swimming pools and continuing playing their game underwater. There are underwater aspects that can be found in some elements of games available on the PlayStation console. During play, the character of the users can jump into the water, but this liberty was previously unavailable to the gamers. However, this is no longer the case as users have now been granted power by Sony for playing underwater too. An array of hardware will be associated with the PlayStation Flow.

A LCD head-mounted display goggles have been revealed by the company, which supposedly have four sensors that are worn on your limbs just like floaters are worn inside a pool for giving an experience that’s out of this world. Built-in waterproof earphones have been added to the goggles, which provide people with a realistic audio experience even when they are swimming underwater. This technology is revolutionary because gamers will be able to use it for interacting with the water elements found in games, something they have wanted to do for long. A drying system has also been added to the PS Flow, which will aid users in making the transition out of the pool easy after they have completed the water mission.

Ionizing technology has been used in the PS Flow Body Dryer, which works better than a hand dryer or towel. Furthermore, the goggles will be interacting with the system, which means that game related data will be transferred to their LCD. Bluetooth connectivity has also been incorporated in PS Flow to make it easier for the devices to interact. In other news of the company and its PlayStation 3 console, PlayStation Home has finally been shut down. The online virtual world had been introduced by the firm in 2008, but ceased to exist on March 31st, 2015.

The shut-down of the virtual destination isn’t a surprise as it had previously been announced by the company in September 2014 and the service closed in Europe, Canada and the US. After its launch in 2008, Home had managed to attract millions of users, but the service had never been able to live up to its full potential. Despite the overhauls and re-launches, which included the addition of content related to games, Home was never able to become a success so it was eventually closed.

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