Summer 2015 Fashion Trend: Stripes

Summer 2015 Fashion Trend: Stripes

Lines seem to have been drawn on 2015 runaways and everybody seems to be following them! From nautical stripes to thin stripes, colored stripes to bold stripes; you have a host of ways to wear the hottest trend of this season. Since stripes have existed from many years, it’s possible that you have already worn them but this year, they are being incorporated in more than just basic styles. As much as it’s fun to experiment with various stripes, it’s also easy to go overboard with them and run the risk of looking like a clown. Here are 10 ways for you to rock this trend and breathe a new life in your casual wardrobe:

  • Bag the bag!

You do like to bring the latest fashion trends in your wardrobe but in the most subtle manner possible. Buy a striped bag to accentuate your look and increase your style meter without undertaking any risk.

  • Sunglasses

Step up to the fashion game of this season by wearing sunglasses that have stripes. Vogue sunglasses have ‘colorbands’ collection which features sunglasses with colored stripes. Take your pick by shopping from them at lowest prices by comparing sunglasses price list found on Time to jazz up your look!

  • Vertical stripes

If you wear heels just to make your petite frame look long and detest every time you have to wear them because of the pain inflicted on you, it’s time to rise to new trends and invest in apparels that have vertical stripes. Vertical stripes not just give an illusion of longer height but also of thinness.

  • Conceal and highlight

If you want to highlight your neckline area and camouflage your waist area, go for a dress that has a mix of vertical and horizontal stripes as per your requirements. Ensure that you smell good too along with looking good. If you like strong and musky fragrances; check out perfumes for men online and get one at a heavy discount using offers present on along with the bonus of cash back.

  • Horizontal stripes

If you want to lay an impression that you look wide, you can bet on horizontal stripes to help you do that! You can also opt for a horizontal striped maxi dress if you want to look short for a change and take off some inches from your height.

  • Colored stripes

If you want to break the monotony of wearing black and white stripes, wear colored stripes. You will steal everybody’s attention when you walk down the streets or turn up at the next party by donning such an outfit. Make sure you don’t overdo it and that the stripes are symmetrical. You obviously don’t want to look like a rainbow!

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