Supergirl Pilot Leaks Six Months Early

Supergirl Pilot Leaks Six Months Early

The 24 year-old Kara Zor-El escaped from the planet Krypton years ago and she is finally embracing the superhuman abilities she possesses. Also known as Supergirl, Kara’s adventured were to be portrayed in a CBS pilot that was scheduled to air in the coming November. While the trailer may have received mixed reactions, the much-anticipated Supergirl pilot leaked online this morning, a full six months early.

Supergirl had made an appearance as far back as the year 1958 and had been intended to be a female counterpart of the DC Comics hero, Superman who had made his first appearance 20 years ago. Even though Supergirl had been successful in her own way, she had never managed to achieve the same dizzy heights that the character based on Clark Kent had. However, this year, CBS decided to introduce a new TV series that would mark the return of Supergirl.

Kara Zor-El, played by Melissa Benoist of Homeland, Glee and Law and Order, is an alien who escaped from Krypton, but has kept her powers hidden all these years. The show will see her transform into the ‘superhero she was meant to be’ and become Supergirl. In September 2014, a commitment was made and CBS officially picked up the series earlier this month. The pilot of the series had been scheduled to make its debut in November. Apparently, those plans have just been served a massive blow as the pilot episode was leaked online on torrent sites, a complete six months before the debut date.

LOL and DIMENSION, the two ‘Scene’ release groups were competing to premiere the episode first today morning and the latter was able to get ahead of the former by about 90 seconds. LOL’s version is probably going to be the most sought after version because it conveniently is of 400mb. In comparison, the size of DIMENSION’s version is 15 times greater, but it will definitely be worth the wait for 1080p connoisseurs. It is possible that there may be hidden watermarks in the leaked pilot, but the 46 minute episode looks rather clean as far as visible identifiers are concerned.

Download the Supergirl Pilot Torrent File here.

The pilot leak came off as a huge surprise for everyone so the downloading statistics still remain modest on the BitTorrent site and are no greater than 25,000. However, the media snowball effect that happened during the day is probably going to boost the number of downloads and would reach the million mark by this time tomorrow. The leak of the Supergirl episode comes only weeks after the first four episodes of the hit show Game of Thrones were leaked online. A piracy crazy had been triggered by this event, which continues to this day.

It is unknown if more episodes of Supergirl will leak online in upcoming weeks, but it is likely that the tide will be stemmed by CBS. There is another pilot that has leaked and this time it is of upcoming NBC TV series called Crowded. The same two groups are connected to this leak.

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