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How Chat Messengers Help People Be Social

Chat Messengers

Like modern technology and internet have a very crucial role to play in various aspects of our lives, they have also successfully brought a new dimension to the ways we socialize and communicate. Social networking sites, online chat rooms and instant chat messengers are some of the communication techniques that …

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The Advantages Of Using A Social Advertising Platform

Social Advertising Platform

With the decline of banner advertising and rise of ad blocking, social media advertising’s rise seems set to continue, with social media advertising revenue already reaching $24bn in 2022.  Whilst paid search is still king of digital advertising, it sometimes is not so effective for creating brand awareness or at …

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LinkedIn Follows Twitter in Shocking Investors

LinkedIn Shocking Investors

Another day brings some shocks for those investors who have invested in social media stocks. There was a 20% decline in the shares of LinkedIn Corp, which is the operator of the most popular social network that exists for professionals. The drop in share price wiped away about $6 billion …

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SecureTribe Review: Secure Social Networking Solution

SecureTribe Review

In this world of social media, it has become fairly common of us to hear about people getting their account hacked or complaining about fake profiles carrying their pictures. This has become the norm these days, especially when you have weak passwords. Even if you implement full privacy procedures, anyone …

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