Technology Leads Obesity in Children

Technology Leads Obesity in Children

Technology is meant to facilitate us. It wasn’t invented to be lazy and let your children cut off the physical activities. At present, every second child seems to be busy in front of screens and eating something unhealthy. Children before the invention of modern technology were used to play outside and loved whatever they could do to play for ‘some more minutes’ when their moms called them in for meals. They liked to participate in various sports like swimming, football and tennis. But today the scene is totally opposite where most children spend their time enjoying their favorite TV channels and having fun with video games on mobile, tablets, and video game player.

The largest part of children typically spends 8 to 9 hours at school where they perhaps have a thirty-minute PE session. The general observation indicates most children have no physical activity while they are home after school hours or on weekends. When they aren’t involved in physical exercises or activity which is vital to help them stay active, they become lazy and prefer to spend their time in front of screens which eventually leads a weight gain.

Furthermore, the food habits of today’s children usually encircles around junk food such as burgers, pizzas, nuggets, and juice packets. If your child spends his most of time sitting either in the classroom or at home playing video games or watching television, and eats unhealthy food, he is most likely to have an unhealthy body. You as a parent have to focus on your child’s health and make their dietary plan a healthy one that must include physical exercises and activities. You need to teach your children to eat healthy and be occupied with physical games instead sitting and playing video games. If they’re taught to be self-esteemed and to realize their individual responsibility, they are at less risk of being obese.

The statistics reveal that the children who usually don’t burn off excess energy and have poor diet are most likely to experience obesity and focus problem in common. Since inactivity and poor diet may also lead to ADHD and ADD, it’s your responsibility to personally look after your child’s diet and ensure he participates in physical activities. If your child doesn’t eat anything but junk food is his all time favorite, consider this from an objective approach. Make their fast food visits as occasional treats instead making it a daily occurrence. Make a choice that has a positive impact on your child’s health instead allowing them enjoy their fast food with the video game console.

A child’s growth cycle starts in his early days and gets advanced into their adolescent age and on to maturity. Your child deserves to be self-loving, self-responsible, and live happily throughout his life. Therefore, he should be taught how it is important to be self-respectful and strengthen his body and mind by healthy diets and positive views. You as a parent are fully responsible to personally exemplify these values with your own mind and body.

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