Teenagers Guide for Looking Professional

Teenagers Guide for Looking Professional

Teens usually have it quite easy when it comes to clothes as they can opt for comfortable and casual work clothes in most settings like an evening out with friends or in school. However, teenagers will find themselves in such situations in their teen years that they have to be looking professional. Whether you are working part-time at an office setting, getting ready for a college event or preparing for a job interview, you will have to step up your game. Most teenagers assume that it is time for them to raid their parent’s closet. That’s not true. Your closet may have all the makings of a professional outfit; all you have to do is put the pieces together in the correct way.

Here is a complete guideline that can help:

Stay Wrinkle Free

You are never going to look professional and polished if your clothes are wrinkled, regardless of what you choose to wear. The night before your shift at work or a job interview, you should take out the clothes you intend to wear and iron out any wrinkles they may have. Wrinkled clothing can be easily and quickly smoothed by using a garment steamer. If none of these appliances are available to you immediately, you can take advantage of a wrinkle-release spray. You just have to spray it on wrinkled clothing, tug on the clothes for smoothing out the wrinkles and allow it to air dry. If you are short on time, you can simply put the clothes in the dryer.

Redefine Suit

The epitome of professional wear is a suit, but as a teenager, it is not necessary for you to wear them to work on a regular basis. Rather than choosing a suit, you can select separate pieces that still provide you with a polished appearance. Avoid torn and ripped clothing or those that reveal too much skin. If you cannot decide what’s appropriate, check the employee manual of the company, which will have a dress code or you can also ask the manager or supervisor for guidance. For girls, skirts or dresses that skim the knee are usually acceptable. If you don’t like skirts, dress pants are also an option. You can wear a cardigan and shell or a button-down blouse on top. Boys can also go for button-down shirts and a tie if it is required. If the work environment is casual, chinos and khakis can work well so you can even pair your pants with a polo shirt.

Go Neutral

Avoid bright colors when you have to select colors for your clothing because they may be too bold. Instead, a conservative and professional look can be achieved by opting for neutrals. Your ideal options include colors like tan, gray, black, beige and white. Some dark colors like cranberry, hunter green and navy are also suitable for a professional setting. Soft pastel shades such as mint, butter, sky blue, lilac and baby pink are good for professional clothes in the spring and summer season.

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