Tell-Tale Signs Your Marriage May Be Over

Tell-Tale Signs Your Marriage May Be Over

Sometimes, all it takes is a gut feeling to tell us that our relationship with someone has come to an end. At other points, a dramatic event may signal its downfall. More commonly, though, a marriage deteriorates at a slower and less obvious pace; making it difficult for couples to tell when it’s time to call it quits or take steps to make a change. These issues don’t necessarily mean that hope is lost – relationship counseling is always available and many difficult situations have been resolved by mediation and therapy. However, if these signs are popping up frequently in your marriage, you may need to have a serious conversation.

Abuse is taking place.

Abuse is never excusable or appropriate, regardless of the circumstances. Abuse has many forms, so it can sometimes take time to come to terms with the fact that it’s even taking place at all. If your spouse is physically assaulting you, verbally berating you, or intentionally causing you emotional harm then it’s crucial that you call a specialised hotline, seek help, and contact divorce lawyers sydney to begin to the process of finding the safety you deserve.

The fighting is relentless.

Arguing is normal and natural in a marriage, but every minor disagreement shouldn’t escalate into a full-scale fight. If you find that your bickering is constantly transforming into shouting matches, it may be a sign that the communication in your relationship has truly broken down. This is a good time to either reach out for help or accept that you can no longer get along as you once did.

One party doesn’t want help.

When there are plenty of red flags in your marriage and you’re desperate to find resolution and heal the wounds in your relationship, your spouse should be on board with taking whatever steps are necessary to make that happen. However, when you’re dealing with constant fighting, lack of communication, or just general feelings of separation, loss of love, and unhappiness in the relationship but your spouse is disinterested in finding a way to make things better, it may be that your only option is separation.

You’re living separate lives.

In some relationships, a formal separation may not have occurred but it could feel like you’ve already been separated for years. You don’t merely have to accept this state of existence – it’s no way to live. If you and your partner rarely talk, don’t spend quality time together, have no real intimacy, and no longer feel close or even enjoy each other’s company, it’s probably time to make the separation official so you can move on with your life.

Your thoughts of the future don’t include them.

When you fantasise about how you’d like the future to look, your spouse should definitely be in the picture. If your vision of an idyllic future reality don’t involve them in any way, except perhaps picking up the kids for a visit on the weekend, it’s unlikely that you’re truly happy in your marriage.

Infidelity is ongoing.

Some couples can experience a breach of trust in their relationship and heal and move forward in a positive direction. However, if your partner has cheated and shows no signs of changing their behaviour, you can choose to walk away and remove yourself from relentless betrayal.

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