Thamarai, the Episode Review

Thamarai, the Episode Review

The Thamarai episode of June 2nd starts in the Bhoomi pooja. Sneha’s friend came for this pooja. Sneha starts welcoming them and introduces her to Raji. But Raji was not happy to see this. That time karunakaran called Raji and he was talking to her. Raji was happy to see his call and started talking to him. Raji was not happy that her brother didn’t come for the bhoomi pooja. Karunakaran gave the reason that if he comes he have to face Raghavan and his family. But Raji says that Raghavan didn’t come for the pooja and she also said that it would have been more happy for her if Karunakaran attends the Pooja. That Raji wants him to talk to Sneha and wish her on this ceremony. She calls Raji and asked her to talk over the phone. Sneha asked her who was on the line, but Raji gave her the phone forcefully. After hearing his voice she gave the phone to Raji and scolds her also for talking to him. Raji tries to convince her but Sneha got irritated and leaves the place. Raji asked sorry for Sneha’s behavior. Karunakaran advises her not to over react and and scold her.

The Bhoomi pooja starts in Thamarai and that time a car comes there. The gundas want Pooja to stop. They had a quarrel and they stated that the land document is not correct. Sneha states that they still didn’t done the registration. They realize that the broker who helps in getting the land is a fraud. Then they also realize that they lost 50 lakhs amount. The other party’s documents were correct, so Sneha starts crying. Rajiv gets emotional and he also starts crying like anything for losing his amount. Everyone tries to convince him. But he keeps on crying and leaves the place.

The rowdies called someone and informed him that the Pooja has been stopped by them and that person so happy to hear this. He was crying and praying in front of god that nothing should go wrong and everything good should happen. Her daughter came that time and she started shouting at her father and told everything that had happened and they stopped the Pooja. She scolds her father badly and went inside and shuts the door. He again started feeling bad for cursing his son.

Rajiv and Sneha came to the office and were sitting and discussing about the land. Rajiv asks sorry to Sneha for his behavior. Sneha was convincing Rajiv that it happened all because of fate. He still continues that he should be very careful and it was his mistake. Raji tells that it was not our fault and tries to convince them. The other guy tells them that if he was on duty then he could have done something for them. He tells that he couldn’t do anything now to find the culprit and get the money. Rajiv tells that he find the person he would have killed him and the episode ends.

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