The 100 Season 3 Premiere Review

The 100 Season 3 Premiere Review

Yes! The 100 is back! At the end of season 2, the season went to some undoubtedly dark places, but the premiere of the third season decided to take a breather, even if it was a slight one. The show picks up a few months later and shows where the characters are in the aftermath of the incidents in Mount Weather. Of course, there are a few characters such as Murphy and Jaha who hadn’t been present in Mount Weather last year. The passage of time was shown rather cleverly when the premiere opened with Murphy’s descent into madness as he found himself trapped in a room.

While Murphy’s awkward slow-motions and the montage weren’t executed perfectly, Richard Harmon did a pretty great job when he jumped to the most suicidal and lowest point for Murphy and that’s when the door opened up. It is quite impressive to realize how impressive and multi-faceted Murphy’s character has become even though he was drastically different when the show first began. Currently, the most ethereal and trippy element of the show is the ‘City of Light’ situation. We got a cult-like feeling when Jaha spoke to Murphy about ‘no pain, no hate and no envy’ and there was also a resemblance to The Martix when he offered the freaking huge chip to Murphy.

This was great for a show that has echoed the feelings of Battlestar Galactica and it was fascinating to see Erica Serra play the red-dressed, eerily calm and holographic Alie. The premiere titled ‘Wanheda: Part One’ went a long way in showing up how far the show has come in the context of world building. One of the most gorgeous moments was watching Octavia riding on horseback with the RV beside her. It makes you wonder how Raven felt while driving knowing that no one else on the Ark had done so. Nonetheless, these moments showed how much The 100 has expanded and grown.

The RV scene was also a great one, even if it was a tad polarizing because the show doesn’t show this kind of thing usually. However, this might be the reason why it came off as cathartic. These kids have had to go through hell a number of times and they deserve to have an opportunity to sing and have fun, even if it is rare and short-lived because naturally, horrible things start to happen once again. There was another scene that included guest star Shawn Mendes.

People had freaked out, both in a good and bad way, when they found on Shawn Mendes would be appearing on The 100 and you can see the tweets. Regardless, his scene worked out quite well and it really built up the great moment for Jasper when he was attached for being a ‘grave robber’ in Mount Weather. The only weird thing was when Mendes performed ‘Add it Up’ as we had already heard the song earlier in the episode. Was it a coincidence that he opted for this song and why couldn’t he have chosen a different one?

We have no idea how much the Ark’s pop culture survive, but it is simple to assume that this song is quite special to these people. Another area where the show exhibited its greatness was the portrayal of Jasper’s broken down version. He has become self-destructive and broken and this is another great character transformation we have seen on the show since it began. As far as Raven is concerned, she isn’t doing so well and her leg seems to be getting worse. Even then, it was nice to see her share moments with Abby as their connection goes long before to the beginning of the show, despite the fact that she still very stubborn about the whole situation.

It was also a compelling move not to show what has become of Clarke for half the episode and they were able to build up to her big entrance. We came to know that everyone is basically hunting her and she is in a guarded and feral place, doing what? Killing a panther! It was spectacular to see the silent, strong yet damaged type just walking into a Grounder bar, even if it is a trade post. Clarke then seduced the girl behind the counter who was Jessica Harmon from iZombie, the real-life sister or Richard Harmon. Then, she snuck out in the middle of the night, but one of the bounty hunters chasing after her called Roan (Zach McGowan from Black Sails) finally nabbed her.

This is certainly not a good thing for Clarke because we know the Ice Queen thinks that killing Clarke would give her the girl’s strength. Nonetheless, Roan should also be careful because Clarke didn’t get the title of ‘Commander of Death’, which is the meaning of Wanheda, just like that. The danger of the Ice Nation was built up in the premiere as we gradually came to know how fearsome their members are. The 100 is successfully getting mileage out of the Grounders society and is increasing our knowledge of it.

It was also fascinating to see both Lincoln and Bellamy acting as important members of the Arkadia guard. Since Kane’s arrival on earth, he and Bellamy seemed to have patched up even though it is interesting to see how Bellamy is no longer calling the shots as in the original 100 even though he is a squad leader. We also feel sorry for Octavia because she doesn’t have a country and now has to deal with a role reversal with Lincoln, but she is undoubtedly great with a sword. In short, The 100 returned with a strong premiere for the third season as it gave us a glimpse of the people of the renamed Arkadia.

We got to see the different situations our characters like Clarke, Murphy and Jaha are in and it was also good to see that there is an ongoing search for more survivors of the Ark. The expansion of the Grounder world remains intriguing and is a good premise for the new season.

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