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The Advantages Of Using A Social Advertising Platform

With the decline of banner advertising and rise of ad blocking, social media advertising’s rise seems set to continue, with social media advertising revenue already reaching $24bn in 2022.  Whilst paid search is still king of digital advertising, it sometimes is not so effective for creating brand awareness or at targeting by actual user interest.  Social media advertising offers benefits in terms of targeting users based not only on user intent (search terms) but by demographics and interests, it also offers advanced targeting options, conversion tracking, reasonable costs, and high usage on mobile devices.

With so many social media platforms with high usage, now more than ever is it much more efficient and effective to run social advertising campaigns via a single solution rather than run campaigns on disparate platforms.  Not only does it offer time saving opportunities, but the integration of campaign results from various social media platforms offers more holistic insights in order to make better campaign decisions to optimise effectiveness.

Growmobile’s social media advertising solution is an official advertising partner of Facebook and Twitter and also offers advertising on Instagram, the big three of social media.  The end to end solution is importantly user-friendly and offers time-saving to brands and agencies all the way from ad creation, to campaign management with features such as A/B visual testing, live previews, and optimised tailored workflows.  Other time-saving features include targeting templates, campaign duplication, and Powerpoint reports, all of which that report to save an average of 70% in campaign management time.

The reporting of a campaign is as important as its creation if not more so.  Effective campaign reports and analysis are key to an effective social media advertising platform.  By providing cohort-specific data, customers that convert the most can be pinpointed, and real-time reports and cross-campaign analysis allows users to identify where to best spend your advertising budget.

Once a campaign and its objectives have been set, a good social media advertising solution will map out and highlight each step of the conversion funnel so brands know exactly where, when and how to optimize the campaign.  ROI of campaigns can be boosted through various ways such as dayparting, automated rules monitoring, automated campaign generation, ad rotation, and hourly broadcasts.

Efficiency and effectiveness are always words that come up in campaign management, and these are the two key reasons for employing a social media advertising platform to create, manage, analyze and optimize social media advertising campaigns.  A single solution offers time-saving efficiency by integrating various social media platforms and offers a more holistic yet detailed view of the campaign’s effectiveness through unified reporting that allows for improved optimization options and techniques.  Saving time and improving effectiveness seems like a no brainer and whilst effective social media advertising platforms are key to improving a campaign’s success, it still requires brands to create effective communications, interpret reports correctly and authorize relevant automated events.

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