The Age of Selfie Sticks

The Age of Selfie Sticks

If you have visited any tourist spots lately, you would have come across people holding weird sticks with camera or smartphones stuck on them. These sticks are called selfie sticks and were introduced after the craze of selfies that gripped people in all corners of the world. Most people aren’t sure of why these sticks have become so popular because they seem like an extra burden to carry with you wherever you are going. However, there is no denying that this is the age of selfie sticks and there are numerous reasons why they are being used by users from all age groups and backgrounds. Some of the prominent reasons for using these sticks are:

Number 1: You can easily take group photos.

If you are a huge selfie fan, then you are probably aware that it is tough to take a selfie fitting everyone’s face in it. When you are using your bare hands, you cannot take selfies of more than three to four people together and this can be very frustrating because others may feel left out or the selfie may still come off as crowded. This is when selfie sticks are a blessing because they allow you to take a group shot without any problems whatsoever.

Number 2: You don’t have to ask anyone to take your picture.

It is extremely uncomfortable for us to go around asking people to take a photo while you pose. It makes you feel self-conscious and you cannot ask someone to take more than one photo because they might not be so open to it. Again, as one of selfie stick users, you can avoid this situation because now you can just attach your camera to the stick and take pictures from different angles and directions without burdening anyone else.

Number 3: You don’t have to exclude anyone.

Someone has to take the picture, right? When one of you has to be the cameraman, you will not be part of the picture. They may feel excluded later on because you can’t go telling everyone that I was there since I took the picture. Of course, a tripod can be used, but no one lugs around a tripod with them everywhere. Hence, with a selfie stick, even the cameraman can be part of the selfie so the photo is meaningful.

Number 4: You don’t have to have a tripod.

A camera holder with three legs is called a tripod, which you often see with professional photographers. A selfie stick is a better option than tripods because the latter is too bothersome to lug around with you and it is also pricey. In addition, a selfie stick also offers greater flexibility as opposed to a tripod.

Number 6: You can take clearer pictures.

People often complain that their selfies are blurry because their hands shake so much. This isn’t a problem with selfie sticks because they are very light and can easily grip your smartphones. With their rubber sleeves, you also find it easy to grasp the stick and take your selfie.

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