The Flash Season One Finale; An Ending Brilliantly Planned

The Flash Season One Finale; An Ending Brilliantly Planned

The Flash season one finale airing on Tuesday night was emotionally poignant, a no-nonsense and surprisingly powerful episode, which concluded on a great cliff-hanger. In fact, it was such a brilliant conclusion that even if they end the show right here, we would still categorize it as one of the best series finales to have ever aired. However, we are all obviously glad that this isn’t the end and we have a season 2 to look forward to. While people definitely didn’t have a clue of how ‘Fast Enough’ would end, but it did have some unsurprising elements. Certain guidelines and tropes are followed by time travel stories, but that doesn’t mean that they can be termed predictable.

An emotionally stirring moment of the episode was Eddie’s true moment of heroism and his sacrifice. It was very deep, effective and moving and Eddie really needed it. For both Barry and Eddie, the tone for the episode was set by the conversations surrounding destiny and coincidence. This included the first realization Eddie made that he had been destined to meet Iris and later on to accept that he had been sent here to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Likewise, Barry also had to accept that he couldn’t save his mother.

However, once again, the real star of the episode was Eobard Thawne. Harrison Wells. The Reverse Flash. You can’t help but root for Tom Cavanaugh in this role on some level because he is so unnervingly amazing in it. He may be an evil villain, but he comes off as likeable so there was some part of us that wanted him to get out of the wyrm-hole. No one could have doubted his sincerity when he expressed his hatred for Barry, but also confessed that he had come to love and admire him. Sure, he wouldn’t hesitate in killing Barry in a flash, but that’s his own brand of love.

Similarly, you can also sense his bizarre and genuine affection for Cisco when he talking to his young prodigy. When he apologizes to Cisco, it isn’t because he regrets killing him; it is because the prodigy is also a meta-human who can see through time such as an Oracle. Will this be a part of the DC and the CW’s Arrow/Flash spinoff titled ‘Legends of Tomorrow? We all hope so because Cisco is one of the best parts of The Flash. But, perhaps the best part of the show is Dr. Wells, which has given rise to some concerns amongst the audience. How will they be able to find another such brilliant, smart yet crazy and ominous villain as Dr. Wells and how will other seasons match the genius of the first.

When travels to time to go and save his mother, he decides not to and lets her die. He tells her that he had just been given the chance to return, not to save her, but to tell her that he and his father are doing okay. It was truly a tear-inducing and humbling moment for the characters and the viewers. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that our hero decides to stand by idly. Instead, he encounters a vision of himself battling with The Reverse Flash. He watches the vision take his third, child-self and just whisk him away. But, before doing so, the second self looks at him and motions for him not to intervene by a shake of his head.

What does this tell us? First, the story of time-travel, the death of Barry’s mother and Eobard Thawne is not finished. In the present or in the Flash’s reality, Thawne may be dead, but he is alive in time somewhere and he still killed Barry’s mother. He is still responsible for building the particle accelerator, which made all the meta-humans and the Flash what they are and none of this has changed. This doesn’t make sense, but time travel never does because there is always a lack of logic in it. The plus side? We will get to see more of Dr. Wells in the future? Or will it be the past? In any case, we will see him again because he has only gone from the present. There are endless possibilities available because if Eobard can disappear magically, then a lot of people can also appear magically like Nora Allen, Mason Bridge or even Harrison’s wife, Tess.

Meanwhile, Barry and Iris are now free too hookup now seeing as Eddie’s dead. But, it may not be the right thing because they don’t have the meant-to-be special spark between them. Regardless, the end allows us to give the next season the benefit of the doubt and they can give us an excellent season 2 if they continue to maintain what they have achieved and stay focused. The new role of ‘old smart guy’ will probably be taken over by Dr. Marin Stein, the other half of the Stein Firestorm/Ronnie duo.

Ultimately, it can be said that this was an excellent and spectacular episode that managed to unshackle itself from the usual character drama right at the end of the season. Sure, they could have chosen to drag out Wells story in two or three seasons rather than ending it now and it would still be fascinating, but it was done in the most brilliant way possible. Overall, this is one of the greatest comic book inspired TV shows and even movies.

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