The Healing Power of Sound and Overtone Chant

The Healing Power of Sound and Overtone Chant

Since the beginning of time, sound has been used by human beings for communicating with each other, receiving information and for healing and transformation. It is a belief amongst all indigenous people across all ancient cultures that sound is the generative and creative force that brought the Universe into being. Modern scientists have declared that the loudest of all the sounds that people will encounter is the ‘Big Bang’ theory. Indeed, it is Western science that can give the best evidence of the healing power of sound as how it can transform and shape matter, which forms the basis of sound’s healing potential.

Everything in this world is made up of atoms, which consists of a nucleus (protons and neutrons) and electrons that spin around the nucleus. A pulse is emitted by the spinning nature of these particles thereby creating a wave, which is perceived as matter. Sound can found wherever wave, pulse and form are present. This is defined as The Law of the Three. Human beings vibrate constantly. Every cell, molecule, tissue, organ, liquid, gland and bone in the body has its own rate of vibration. The same is applicable to every electromagnetic field or aura. These fields and energy points have a lot of importance to the body.

The state of the body can be represented through them whereas the state of the aura is represented by the body. It has been proven through the science of Cymatics, i.e. the study of wave phenomenon that a physical change will occur in a human organism and their electromagnetic fields when they are near sound. While it may be a temporary change, it is most definitely powerful and magical. This is the healing moment. Sympathetic resonance is the basis of sound therapy. Basically, resonance defines the vibration of an object and sympathetic resonance occurs when one object vibrates with another in harmony.

This is how the science of cymatics works and is the reason why your furniture is rattled with passing vehicles or glasses may be broken by the voices of opera singers. As said earlier, the human body is in constant vibration and every body part has a particular rate. We fall ill when one part is not vibrating harmoniously with another and this is where sound and intention can be helpful in healing as it can restore the afflicted parts to their optimum vibration frequency. This means that you can return to your healthy frequency of vibration when the correct sound is directed towards you.

Sound therapy is a holistic approach that works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. It can be used to dissolve any negative energy. However, this can only be done by a sound healer because they will know the right combination of acoustic, voice and sacred instruments that can deal with your particular ailment.

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