The Originals Season 3 Episode 1- For the Next Millennium

The Originals Season 3 Episode 1- For the Next Millennium

Is the third season of The Originals is going to be another family drama? If the first episode is any indication, then indeed it is. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to see some new villains in the show. From the looks of it, the smart and strong Jason Dohring is going to be a major problem for every Mikaelson this season. Playing a snarky new cop, he is investigating some brutal murders and who does he ask for help? None other than the beautiful Camille. Why do men in power always chase after her? It seems as if she is going to be Will’s new confidante just like she is Klaus’s.

It is good to see Jason and this new role is a far cry from the ones he has played before. This gives him the chance to grow more as an actor. Coming back to the Original family, Freya seems to have taken up the role of the doting aunt. She is doing everything to be with her family due to the horrible life she has led, which involves getting a new hairstyle. This is a welcome change because her character was becoming a bit tedious at the end of the last season.

As far as the Quarter is concerned, Klaus and Marcel’s truce is still ongoing, which is a surprise as truces usually don’t last for that long in this town. Elijah and Marcel were also seen sparring, probably causing a lot of screaming from the audience. Of course, no season of The Originals is complete if there aren’t any flashbacks to the 1000 year old life the characters have led. We were introduced to a new character before we came across him in present day. Who is he? He is the first person to be sired by the Mikaelson clan ages and ages ago.

Rebekkah brought us Lucien and it was a pleasure to see Claire Holt again, even if it was temporary. Hopefully, she will eventually make her return and be a permanent part of the Quarter because it isn’t the same without her and Freya is not exactly up to filling her shoes, something she herself said in a letter she wrote to Rebekkah. Lucien didn’t come empty handed; he brought with him the shocking revelation concerning the sire line. Is that what this season will be about? No clear answers yet. Moving on, Davina is facing difficulties in accepting her status quo and it is apparent that not all witches are willing to be led by her.

Just like the second season finale, Hayley didn’t get a lot of screen time, but that’s mostly due to her predicament of being stuck in her wolf body all month long and only becoming human on the full moon. We have Klaus to thank for it. Elijah is going to do everything he can to reunite mother and daughter and there is going to be plenty of family drama when this does happen. It was interesting and fascinating to see the always elegantly-dressed Elijah slaughter wolf hunters who were determined to clear the land. Hayley and another female wolf survived, but the fate of the rest remains unknown.

Davina spirited Hayley away for mysterious and secret reasons, which have probably got something to do with controlling the witches and gaining some respect. Hopefully, it might make Hayley human again. Now, we come to the lead character; Klaus Mikaelson. Lucien comes into town and informs Klaus that he needs to work on his reputation of being the big bad due to the politics between the sire lines. Apparently, sire lines leverage their positions for gaining power and so they need Klaus to be the evil guy he is. He also tells Klaus that he can be trusted to which Klaus responds that he doesn’t trust anyone. Shortly after this meeting, Klaus gutted a man who dared critique his art. Then he decides to pay a visit to Camille. In recent months, she hasn’t been exactly warm towards Klaus and we almost expected him to start threatening her when she gave him the cold shoulder once again. But, he only tells her that he painted her a picture and vanishes. It seems as if she is the one who brings out his humanity, which isn’t always a good thing because Klaus is on the top of the food chain and him having a soft side isn’t going to work out so well.

This episode was basically a transitional premiere as it showed us how the characters have changed since the events of last season. They stuffed a lot of things in an hour and it was quite apparent. They will have to dial it down a bit from next week onwards and give the new characters some time to develop on their own.

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