The Originals Series Finale Review; It Will be ‘Always and Forever’

The Originals Series Finale Review; It Will be ‘Always and Forever’

The end is here. The Originals season 5 has come to an end and now we know how it ends for the entire Mikaelsons family. It has been a long road for Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, Klaus and the rest. Beginning from the second season of The Vampire Diaries to this final chapter, the Mikaelsons family have been frustrating, complicated, unsavory, and amazing, all in equal measure. Wrapping up everything in a season, much less one episode, is definitely difficult. But, for the most part, the finale was downright wonderful. There were some really great things we got to see.

Starting with Keelin and Freya, these two look really good together and Freya deserves a happy ending after all the crap she has had to deal with since she was welcomed into the fold by her brothers and sisters. She was a hostage of their Aunt Dahlia for a long time and it is fitting that she now gets the chance to live freely and feel loved. It is also natural for her to want a family and she asks Vincent to be the father, which makes sense. Even though Vincent turned her down initially because he didn’t want to open himself up to the potential of loss and love. It was the second time she was turned down; first Elijah refused to walk her down the aisle.

However, when Vincent got to witness the Mikaelsons’ at their most emotionally vulnerable state, he finally gave in. This ensures that the child will be part werewolf and part witch and Hope will get a cousin who shares her circumstances and is connected to both the communities.

Another appealing factor is that they plan to stay in New Orleans. The Mikaelsons considered it home and Hope should be able to return and make memories in the same city where her mother and father did. While Kol was not around for long and Davina was completely absent, he also got his happy ending. After Finn, he is the Mikaelson who spent most of his time daggered in his coffin. It is a heart-warming picture to imagine Kol and Davina living on the West coast, eating tacos, soaking in the rays and enjoying their lives. In addition, he also got closure when Klaus basically said I love you to him.

Moving onto Rebekah and Marcel, these two have gotten things wrong more times they have gotten them right. Sure, Klaus may have contributed to their problems, but the two have also thrown in plenty of wrenches into the mix to separate them. They began this season together and the series ended with them having their own happy ever after. Their finale contentedness was a good one, but the true happy ending for Rebekah is the gift that Klaus chose to give her. All her life, Rebekah has wanted to be a mortal because she wants to grow old and have babies and apparently, Caroline can get her the Cure.

Also, Marcel’s promise to be there for Hope is a comfort for her because it ensures that she will have someone to help if she is in danger ever. After all, she is Hayley and Klaus’s daughter and trouble will find her. Now, onto Klaus and Elijah. It was a given that one of the Mikaelson’s would have to die to save the world from the Hollow, but people didn’t really expect it to be Klaus. From the moment Elijah abandoned Hayley when she needed him the most, mind-altered or not, it was a given that he would never be happy.

His death was expected because it would mean that his soul would be able to find peace and Hayley would be waiting for him on the other side. Hence, as Elijah had to die, there wasn’t any need for Klaus to do the same. He would be able to spend the next few decades traveling the world with Caroline and Hope would be at school, knowing her father was enjoying his life. She would see him on holidays and occasional weekends, but no one had expected the brothers to die together in a suicide/sacrifice pact.

For centuries, the Mikaelsons had been fighting for survival and we watched them do so in the five seasons that spanned some 20 years. Therefore, it seemed really wrong that they would be so willing to accept their fate like this because it rendered their fight for survival useless when they were going to give up. All Elijah had to do was to take Klaus’s place in the siphoning ceremony. If he would have begged his brother to let him save Hope and join Hayley, Klaus might have given up his role of a sacrificial lamb in order to live with his daughter and put aside his pride.

It is possible that the writers decided to go down this way so the characters wouldn’t have to show up on Legacies. Ultimately, it was a good finale. It closed some old storylines and also brought back some guest stars. The events and characters were of the last five years were recalled with snarky comments and grins. It gave us a reminder of how much the whole family loves each other. It gave us the ‘Always and Forever’ that we wanted.

When Klaus was hallucinating, he not only saw his father, but he also saw Cami. The former was all in black, playing the role of the devil, trying to convince Klaus to kill his daughter. Cami, on the other hand, was the angel in white. When it became evident that there was no way Klaus could be saved, it was time for the goodbye tour to begin. However, Klaus confessed to Caroline that he didn’t know how to do it. She played him the voicemail he had left her in the series’ pilot on The Vampire Diaries and then gave him a demonstration of how to do it; she kissed him and walked away without looking back, no matter how much her heart ached.

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