The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Finale Review

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Finale Review

The Vampire Diaries finale episodes are usually some of its best ones. In season one, Katherine returned, Stefan left with Klaus in season 2, Elena died in season 3, in season 4 there was the whole Silas doppelganger thing, Bonnie and Damon died in the fifth season and in the sixth, Elena went into a deep sleep. In the recent season, it seems as if Damon and Enzo have just ended up on the dark side. These finales leave us emotionally exhausted, whether they deliver on romantic moments such as Stefan and Caroline or Bonnie and Enzo or they break your heart like Damon and Elena and Stefan and Damon.

The episode began with a conference call between Damon-Enzo-Stefan/Caroline where the older Salvatore explains that they need to get inside the Armory to kill the last Everlasting and free Bonnie. But, the Armory remains unaffected by an explosion and Damon suggests calling Valerie. That’s not an option so he moves onto getting Alaric and Caroline’s daughters who can siphon the magic sealing the doors. Caroline refuses and Damon doesn’t listen; typical. Meanwhile, Enzo takes a trip to Virginia to find out exactly what’s inside the vault, but he doesn’t tell anyone what he finds.

Caroline and Stefan are still on the run from Bonnie as we see the former Skyping with her daughters. Caroline tells Stefan that her daughter Lizzie siphoned her accidentally the other day, but she doesn’t want them to be a part of the natural world because she wants them to have a normal childhood. Stefan is in agreement and while Caroline is grateful, she tells him that it doesn’t make up for what he has done. Then Bonnie calls and tells Stefan to go faster since she is gaining on them thanks to Matt’s siren.

But, the road is blocked and Stefan turns around and asks Bonnie to let them pass. Bonnie’s urges are getting stronger so she refuses so Matt wrecks the car to let them escape. When Bonnie and Matt wake up, he promises to stop her from killing her friends if she helps him get out, but she refuses and tells him to stay out of this fight since he is human. So, he is stuck and bleeding in the car alone. Meanwhile, Stefan has realized that silence from Damon means he is up to something so he leaves Caroline and stops Damon and Enzo from kidnapping her daughters by getting their pilot to leave.

However, Ric has come to the realization that the girls can be reunited with Caroline if they do this so he is all for it. While the Salvatore brothers are waiting for Ric and the kids at the armory, they have a long chat. Damon wants to know why his brother is back to his usual self, when he had just pulled a 360 by kidnapping Caroline. Stefan informs him that he realized he was doing things out of fear rather than love and he didn’t want to live like that. He tells Damon that he only put himself down because he was afraid of losing Elena and not because he loved her.

Damon probably knew that already, but he had to hear it out loud, especially from Stefan. Josie and Lizzie arrive and the Armory is now open. Enzo is keeping Bonnie distracted with a wild goose chase. Caroline stops Stefan from going in, but he asks her to do the talk later. The brothers go in to look for the Everlasting, but he is nowhere to be found. Obviously, he is in the vault where they are not supposed to go. However, Damon is once again bent on going in alone. He tells his brother to let him go and apologizes for leaving his brother behind. Damon tells Stefan that if he doesn’t want his life to be ruled by fear, then he has to walk out on him and assures him that he will be fine. Stefan gives in, but with a hug, of course! Stefan gets another hug when he is outside and that’s from Caroline and Ric probably notices. While Damon is entering the vault, Bonnie has found Enzo at their love shack and the fight begins.

Enzo is doing really well, but when is shot, he realizes he won’t win. Bonnie is holding a stake at his heart and she begs him to fight, but he makes a request instead. He asks her to remember their good moments together rather than this one and they confess their love to each other before Bonnie cannot hold back anymore. Luckily, Damon finds the Everlasting just in time and burns it, which means Enzo is safe and he and Bonnie celebrate. Ric goes to Caroline and thanks her for turning his life around. He tells her to be happy and that they will be a family no matter what.

Ric goes off with a hug from Caroline who goes to Stefan who is relieved when Damon texts him and the Steroline flame is rekindled with a kiss. We go back to Matt who is hallucinating Penny. He apologizes and tells her that he cannot escape this life, but she informs him that he has never really tried. That’s probably why Matt drives off into the sunset to find a better life, elsewhere. Damon calls Bonnie from the vault and all is forgiven or almost forgiven. He is still joking with Bonnie and Enzo on the phone when he hears Elena.

Enzo and Bonnie try and stop him because Elena is not there, but she is calling for help and Damon has never been able to resist that. The two go to the Armory to help him. Enzo goes into the vault alone and is also taken by creepy-handed evil inside. The gang broke into the vault a week later only to find them gone. Caroline explains that they just had it all with everyone happy and then it went to hell. Bonnie has no magic so they cannot find them. Three months later, there are rumors of missing persons and the numbers keep on rising.

Stefan is writing to Elena that he knows what’s wrong with them and he will get them back. He only asks her not to blame him. We see Enzo and Damon in a warehouse stringing up people by their feet before slitting their throat. We are heading into season 8, just like season 3; only this time, it is Damon leaving a trail of bodies behind and Stefan following them.

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