The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 ‘Now’ Recap

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 ‘Now’ Recap

Oh, Alexandria is in trouble. That’s right Alexandrians, your life is about to change so do whatever it is you want and do it quickly. ‘Now’, the fifth episode of the sixth season of the Walking Dead brought Alexandria to the brink of destruction at the hands of thousands of walkers and the hands that are attached to them. The herd that had broken away from the bigger herd has arrived at Alexandria and the solar-powered village is in trouble because its corrugated walls are surrounded by the walkers. Alexandrians haven’t seen anything like this and they don’t know how to combat or cope with any of it. They don’t have the ability of surviving this.

The episode begins with the residents taking a survey after the Wolves attack and piling up the dead bodies. Deanna looks down upon her crumbling dreams from the parapet whereas it falls upon Michonne to deliver the bad news to Maggie about Glenn; he was lost in that town and no one knows how he ended up. We see Rick Grimes screaming his head off as he is running down the road closely followed by a group of walkers. Apparently, Rick decided to run for it. Of course, it is possible since they can only walk, but there is something strange going on here.

Why? Well, Rick could have led the walkers in another direction. Did he really bring them to the town gate? Why was he running straight to Alexandria? While it seems like a questionable and strange decision, we cannot really blame him because he alone couldn’t have possibly distracted the whole herd, could he now? Besides, the walkers were still going to enter Alexandria so he was probably trying to outrun them rather than lead them there. Rick barely makes it through the open gate.

However, now the town people are trapped. There are flesh-starved, groaning and snarling walkers banging on the walls and they cannot go anywhere else. More, they don’t have the ability of fighting them off. They can only hope that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha return and somehow save them from this horde of walkers. This episode was another one focused on the talking rather than the killing. We see a new height of pessimism in the Alexandrians because they can only feel utter despair and nothing else. After the Wolves attack, Rosita said to Spencer that they had to find something worth fighting for, but none of them have anything like that right now.

Deanna Monroe may be an elected official. She may be the former Congressional Representative from the 15th district of Ohio, but even she is going through a tough time. With a husband murdered, a son killed and her other son ripping her to pieces verbally in a drunken stupor, she isn’t handling it really well. It is difficult for her to see what has become of her family and realize that her dream has just gone up into smoke. Her town is collapsing around her and that’s a reflection of her. The Alexandrians are wondering if they will survive or whether they should even try to and Deanna is waging the same war with herself.

The town residents are ready to surrender because they cannot turn away from reality. They push Olivia away and raid the pantry until Spencer stops them in their tracks with a powerful speech about fight and survival. But, this is just a ruse because after everyone leaves, he raids the pantry. He takes food and liquor figuring no one will notice since its just one person doing the raiding. Spencer has given up and thinks that the end is near. He blames his mother for everything that has happened, including the death of Reg and Aiden. The idea of the community, on the other hand, is to stay quiet and hope that the others draw the walkers away or they move on. They don’t know if they should fight or just give up.

In her office, Deanna has an epiphany of sorts. She literally starts drawing up new plans for Alexandria. She shows off some flinty stoicism when she writes a quote in Latin that translates ‘Someday this pain will be useful to you’. Deanna is now on a roll; she is going to return the food that Spencer stole and she is doing it at night! This is the first night we have seen this season and obviously she encounters a walker. Carol supposedly killed this one, but we don’t know where she is. Now, Deanna is angry and she is just stabbing the creature with the broken bottle. It doesn’t die of course until Rick comes running and deals with the brain.

Deanna doesn’t want to die. She doesn’t want her town to die. She wants it standing and the people to live. Clearly, Spencer is wrong. His mother may be wrong about a few things, but it is because of her that the town has survived for so long. It is a major success for Rick that he has kept his group alive and moving for so long. There is a zombie apocalypse and people need to stop blaming each other, which includes Aaron who was the victim of the Wolves trap and led them to the town. They would have eventually ended up at Alexandria, but his guilt is weighing him down and he decides to assuage it.

How? He is going out with Maggie to look for Glenn. Maggie cannot just accept that her husband is dead and yet it is suicide to step out. Aaron knows a secret passageway, though. Both of them nearly die when they encounter zombies, but they manage to push through to the end of the tunnel only to realize that the zombie horde is still blocking them. Maggie breaks down because she is pregnant and she doesn’t know what has happened to the love of her life. Nevertheless, they both refuse to leave hop and so they go back and erase Nicholas’s and Glenn’s names from the memorial list of the dead on the wall.

Meanwhile, others are taking advantage of the end of the world thing. Tara has been a good friend to the only medical expert in town; Denise. The latter is able to save Scott thanks to the heavy morale boosting. She then goes to Tara and kissers her. This is a tender and happy moment as two people have come together despite the huge mess. Furthermore, they aren’t the only ones finding solace in each other’s company. Rick finds the widow of the man he killed, Jessie, in her garage. They don’t know what is going to happen. They don’t know if they can beat the walkers. Rick decides to kiss her when Jessie demands to know if this is it. Ron is probably not going to be happy about that.

Then we go back to Deanna, who is banging against the wall defiantly with zombies on the other side. As she walks away, we see a thin stream of blood trickling down. It doesn’t seem as if the wall is going to hold up much longer and the zombies are going to come bursting in.

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