The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere; First Time Again

The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere; First Time Again

On Sunday night, AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ returned for the sixth season with a cast of thousands of undead apparently. The premiere episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 was longer than usual; it lasted for an hour and a half and the point was to tell us the story about a horde of walkers and how Rick managed to wrangle with them. It seems that the show wants to make Rick into a one-of-a-kind leader. While this season’s premiere may not have been as explosive as others have been, it wasn’t for the lack of brains and brawns, whether figurative or literal, in this episode.

Even if the show hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves from the Emmys, there is no denying that it is one of the top-rated shows on television these days and it definitely earned the extra time. As a matter of fact, the show was shown at Madison Square Garden in New York City to a select group of people as part of the Comic Con Convention. The episode picked up things a few days after the finale of the previous season and its bloody aftermath. We see a combination of the current events, complete with color, whereas the flashbacks are shown to us in black and white.

The episode explores the events that led them to execute their quarry plan for dealing with the undead and the time after Pete was shot by Rick and Morgan Jones showed up. If you recall, the first person that Rick met at the beginning of this saga after leaving the hospital was Morgan. The latter finds it difficult to recognize Rick and this isn’t due to the fact that he is covered in blood. It is mostly because when he first came across Officer Grimes, he wasn’t aware that the entire human community had been wiped off by a zombie plague. This Rick Grime is now a slasher and a shooter who doesn’t take any chances and doesn’t ask questions.

As per the subplots, there are still some Alexandrians like Carter (Ethan Embry) who have a problem with the Ricktatorship. But, the fact is that Rick does seem to have some leadership capabilities and unless it is Daryl or Carol, no one else should question them because they don’t stand a chance. Whoever tries to do so, eventually ends up dying so it is better not to make this mistake. Deanna and Rick don’t want to bury Pete inside the walls. There is some argument, but Robert’s Rule of Orders aren’t in effect anymore. It will be done if they want it.

Along with Ron, Pete’s sullent son, Rick takes Morgan along with him to bury Pete. Walkers quickly attack Ron and they come across the quarry while saving him. This is when Rick is hit with a realization; their town isn’t as safe as he presumed. None of them realized that the reason Alexandria earned the status of a haven is due to an old quarry existing a few miles west. This is basically a Disneyland for Walkers because there are thousands of them there. More and more are attracted to the sound as they fall in.

Tractor-trailers were used by someone to block the two exits of the pit before Operation Cobalt. While most want to leave the horde alone, Rick wants to lead them out and away from the town. Carter is the most against it because he has trust issues where Rick is concerned. However, this guy doesn’t know the world and he is definitely in no shape to go against Rick Grimes. This is when we see one of the most satisfying scenes of the Ricktatorship when Carter’s attempts at a rebellion are snuffed out by Rick.

Morgan is also attempting to understand the new Rick and he has been through a lot. He grieved for his wife while protecting his son Duane and then ironically lost him, thanks to his undead wife. It was perfectly acceptable for him to be pushed into madness, but he has emerged as a ninja warrior who is zen-calm and walks around with a deadly six-foot stick. Rick and Morgan both understand that they are the same underneath. Nevertheless, since they met, they have changed rather profoundly and they have to build the relationship.

This probably means that Morgan is going to stick around and this is good because Lennie James is an excellent actor. The weapons that are used by some of the characters can safely be classified as their superpowers. In fact, these people are basically the Avengers fighting the zombie apocalypse when Rick steps out with his Colt Python, Daryl with his crossbow, Morgan with his stick and Michonne with her katana.

Rick comes up with a feasible, if elaborate, plan to deal with the quarry. They make a sort-of tunnel for the zombies by choosing a road that goes away from town and lining it with old cars. Daryl is on his motorcycle and Abraham and Sara are in the car as they cattle drive the undead out. The road has a weak point, which creates a problem, but the point is reinforced with some extra steel from the town walls. Now comes the time for some of the sickest effects we have seen so far; when the herd of zombies reaches the weak point, they bang into the wall and their decomposing heads pop right off.

The gang has to be fast on their feet when one of the tractors falls off the wall of the quarry. The plan may be risky, but it works as they work together, even Carter. They are able to control the huge herd and lead them on the route they have laid out. The walkers are moving and everything seems to be going according to plan, but then we hear a horn in the distance and all hell breaks loose. The Walkers are no longer following the route. Instead, they are now moving east; thousands of the undead heading towards Alexandria.

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