Things You Should Know When Planning to Own Your Own Brewery

Things You Should Know When Planning to Own Your Own Brewery

If you are an enthusiastic beer drinker, you might have dreamed of owning your own brewery one day. Obviously, having your own brewery is just one of those awesome fantasies which you could not easily and possibly make come true…Or is this?

In fact, thousands of individuals like you have found just how easy it is to have their own brewery and make high quality beer for their own personal specification and taste.

Below is a list of the brewery equipment that you will need to make your own brewery and start producing quality homemade beer:

  • Bottles and Bottle caps
  • Cleaner and Sanitiser
  • 1 Large Pot
  • 1 Airlock
  • 1 Fermentation Container
  • 1 Hydrometer
  • 1 Bottling Tube
  • 1 Thermometer

There are some other items too that you need but those are ordinary household things you probably have already. Here have been listed the things you might have to go out and collect:

Bottles and bottle caps: These can be quite expensive, so start saving yours from now and also ask your friends to save their beer bottles.

Cleaner and Sanitizer: This is vital that all your brewery equipment is methodically clean. According to experts from Yolong, this is not only for the hygiene reasons; if there is any dirt on your brewery equipment, it can seriously affect the taste.

Large Pot: Since you will be boiling up few gallons of water along with few kilos of extracted malt, you must go bigger.

Airlock: It is a simple tube with water which allows gas out of fermentation container ensuring no air gets in.

Fermentation Container: It is better to get a purpose produced fermentation container. Don’t go for anything too flimsy.

Hydrometer: With this, you can test the density of liquid. You should learn how to use it correctly.

Thermometer: It is important that your brewery is fermented with the right temperature.

That’s it all you need to setup a basic homebrew kit. Wish you good luck!

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