Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Attending a Black Tie Event

Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Attending a Black Tie Event

Attending a black tie event can be a whole lot of fun, especially if you don’t attend them regularly or you haven’t been to one before. You might be going to an event with everybody from your workplace, or maybe it’s a graduation event or end-of-year occasion. Even wedding receptions can be considered black tie events, so no matter what you’re celebrating, here are the main things you shouldn’t forget.

1.How are you going to get there and back?

Transport is one of the most important things. If the occasion is something specifically related to you, such as a big birthday party or graduation event, you could hire a limousine or other fancy car and get a chauffeur to drive you to the event. This is a special touch for a special occasion, but would cost too much and would be too extreme to do for a regular black tie event. If you’re attending the event with friends or family, you can hire a taxi and split the cost of it. If it’s a weekend of busy city or venue, be sure to book your transport back home so that you don’t end up waiting long after everybody has left.

2. What are you going to wear?

You shouldn’t leave your outfit until the last minute, since this will make you stressed and you could end up without anything suitable to wear. You should make a list of everything that you need to include in your outfit, including extensions for your hair and any make up products that you need to buy beforehand. You might want to get extras such as false eyelashes or small samples of perfume to take with you on the night. When choosing extensions, decide whether hair extensions tape in options are better for you.

3. Do you need to prepare anything the day before?

You might need to wash some clothes for the event, or maybe you need to book an appointment to have your nails done. If you’re wearing open-toed shoes, for example, you should make sure that your nails are in good condition and that you have had a pedicure if necessary. Perhaps more expensive but longer lasting and durable are gel manicures and pedicures. In order to get an appointment, you might have to book a few days in advance, or you could end up phoning around various salons to find that they have no availability to fit you in before the event.

4. Should you take a bag to store things?

At any event, you don’t want to have a large storage bag that needs carrying around all evening, but you should take something to keep a few essentials in for the duration of the event. This could be a small bag or clutch that you can carry around, and it will add a beautiful touch to your outfit too. If you can avoid it, however, try not to take a bag, as it can just be a hindrance to you.

5. Do you need money?

Find out beforehand whether the venue is going to have an open bar and food available, or whether you have to bring some form of payment in order to buy your own. Many formal events will have a sit-down meal provided and an open bar, but it’s always best to check.

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