Tips and Advice on Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine

Tips and Advice on Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine

Residence permit in Ukraine, also known as the posvidka in the local language, is a document that certifies that the holder has the legal right to stay for a temporary period in Ukraine. The document can be used for up to 1 year starting from the date it was issued. However, the period of validity is usually shorter and only up to 3 months. It is different from the permanent residence permit that gives you permission to stay in Ukraine for as long as you want. Within 10 days the permit is issued, the official at the immigration office will put on it the stamp of residence registration also known as propiska.

The approval of the temporary residence permit in Ukraine will depend on what grounds you have for intending to stay in Ukraine for a temporary period. Many foreigners who have completed their studies in Ukraine want to stay longer but they couldn’t. If you are a graduate student of a Ukraine university and you wish to stay longer, you cannot remain in the country without applying for the permit. Doing so can result in you becoming an illegal migrant and they will take action to deport you. They may also ban you from entrance into Ukraine in the near future. Other common reasons are family reunification or you  have registered to work in a company that is located in Ukraine.

Applying for the temporary residence permit is not as easy as submitting an application form. There are lots of documents that you have to prepare. It is easy to miss a document when you are applying for the permit. With professional help, the process can be simplified since there will be experts assisting you in the entire process. The professional firm will provide you with a list that contains the documents you need to provide them. After you have provided all the necessary documents, they will be responsible for the rest of the procedure. When the permit is issued, they will call you and you must go to the firm to collect the permit.

Each person has their own situation when coming to apply for the temporary residence permit. The professional will correlate your situation when requesting for the documents for submission. If your documents have been missing, they will do their best to help you locate them so that you can receive the permit within the shortest time possible. Usually, the consultation with the company is free of charge. During the initial consultation, you can ask them about your situation and they will let you know whether you have a legal ground to apply for the temporary residence permit.

On average, it will take a period of 2 weeks to receive the permit. The actual length of time that you need to wait for the issuance of the permit can be shorter or longer than 2 weeks depending on your situation. For example, if you fail to submit a certain document, it will take a longer time for you to receive the permit.

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