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Top 6 Summer Fashion Hacks You Should Know

Summer is regarded as a demanding season in the fashion world. Rising temperatures bring people out and they expose more about their body in this season than any other. There is also a rise in parties, BBQs, beach trips and getaways, which means that your wardrobe needs to be updated to the latest fashion trends. However, since it is so hot, you obviously want to look great, but comfortable at the same time. You don’t want to invest in clothes that are just going to lie in your closet because you cannot bear to wear them. Luckily, here are some excellent summer fashion hacks you can use when planning your summer wardrobe:

1.      Go for loose clothes

The looser your clothes are, the better it is for you. You will feel cooler when there is less fabric touching your body. As compared to a skintight tank and a pair of shorts, it is a better idea for you to wear a flowing and loose maxi dress because it gives room for your body to breathe.

2.      Avoid flimsy fabrics

Lightweight fabrics work well for the summer season, but they should always have a little structure so they don’t cling to your body the minute you start to sweat. This is going to ruin your appearance so it is best to avoid flimsy fabrics that tend to stick to the body.

3.      Select natural fabrics

Rayon or polyester may be tempting, but cotton is so much breathable than them. In fact, cotton is also great at absorbing the sweat and actually dries faster than any other material. This means that you are not going to feel sweaty as long as you don clothes that have been made with synthetic fabric.

4.      Wash clothes frequently

It may seem like a good idea to re-wear your clothes between washes and it is a smart way of avoiding laundry, but even light wear leaves sweat, dirt, cosmetics and skin cells trapped in the fiber of your clothes. This makes you hotter because your clothes end up being less breathable.

5.      Stay away from embellishments

Embellishments are closer to your skin because they weigh your body down, which means they trap body heat. Furthermore, they serve as just another layer between your skin and a cooling breeze so it is best to keep them at a minimum. This is especially true for heavy embellishments, especially ones that are made of metal.

6.      Take shade along

You need to stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid sun damage and there are lots of fashion accessories that help you do that. It is wise to invest in a wide-brimmed hat that completes your outfit and also beats back the sun. Another unique option is a colorful and pretty scarf that you can drape over your shoulder or head. They are quite lightweight so they will not bother you at all and keep you protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

These fashion hacks will help you look fashionable and comfortable in the hot season.

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