Top PS4 and Xbox One Games you Should Own

Top PS4 and Xbox One Games you Should Own

Like every other type of entertainment, video games also offer a subjective experience to gamers. While your best pal may prefer cinematic blockbusters that require little user interaction, you may be a fan of Japanese brawlers that require 100% of your concentration and effort. Nonetheless, approximately 18 months after the launch of the new generation consoles, the Xbox One and PS4, there are a smattering of must-buy PS4 and Xbox One games that you really need to see and play. Here is a comprehensive list:

  • Bloodborne (PS4)

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the genius behind Demon’s Soul has created this really demanding and dark game. This is an aggressive combat fantasy is set in a world filled with monsters that despise you. The game design is utterly fascinating and has a very ludic and unique atmosphere.

  • Dragon’s Age: Inquisition (Xbox One, PS4)

This game has all the elements of a perfect game; romance, exploration, intrigue, combat and really huge monsters. BioWare’s latest fantasy epic is a testament to their developer’s craft as it boasts guile and detail and has some interesting characters and a great story. The aesthetic showcase also gets a mechanical heft with a customization and levelling system so you will still be finding new stuff even after 200 hours in the game.

  • Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)

While Ubisoft’s The Crew is also an open driving epic, it is Forza Horizon 2 that can provide you with a beautiful racing experience with miles of luscious scenery and gorgeous car models. This sequel by Playground Games is reveling in the next-generation hardware with streams of sunlight highlighting the Mediterranean environments and glinting off the roads.

  • Grand Theft Auto V (PS4, Xbox One)

Even if you reject the main missions of the game or simply loathe the three psychopathic characters who keep on blasting and blowing things up, you cannot resist experiencing this game environment. The universe is vast so you can meet your friends, drive a helicopter, search for hidden jokes, go scuba diving, play tennis or just cruise the streets in your car.

  • Last of Us: Remastered (PS4)

The violent, haunting and elegiac masterpiece by Naughty Dog was a must-have on PlayStation 3, but if you didn’t get it then, you must buy it now for the PS4. The new technology makes the busted cities even more resonant and gorgeous and you can an emotionally charged story with lots of new additions that you will enjoy.

  • Minecraft (Xbox One, PS4)

You probably have this really enjoyable block building game on every other device in the household, but it is even better on the console. Mojang’s game offers you endless delight and you will never get enough of it.

  • Titanfall (Xbox One)

This giant mech shooter by Respawn may not have lived up to the pre-release hype, but it is a diverting online game, packed with exciting encounters and cool weapons. With the new additions and new elements introduction, the balance has seen improvement and everybody gets a chance to kill something in this blaster.

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