Top Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Church

Top Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Church

The Bible clearly states that rather than a building or structure, a Church is essentially a body of believers. It also emphasizes that followers of Jesus Christ should meet together regularly and this typically happens at the local church. This means that this place is very important in the life of a Christian. Therefore, you need to select a church very carefully because it can help shape who you are as well as your relationship with God. But, how do you choose a church? Here are some great qualities you can look for:

Is it centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

You can easily determine what is important to a church by what’s displayed on the walls, what the people discuss and what’s emphasized from the pulpit. You can even ask the church members why they like to go there. Some churches offer great music whereas others offer some great programs for kids and children. Some people attend a church due to a famous preacher or simply because celebrities visit it. Your priority should be a church that is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Does the church stand firm on Bible Doctrine?

Reading the church’s doctrinal statement can give you an idea of what it believes in. But, you also need to listen carefully to what is being preached at the church to judge if they stand firm on the biblical doctrine. There are some churches out there that have strayed from this heritage and you don’t want to go there.

Do they preach the Bible faithfully every week?

A good preacher is one who only preaches the Word of God, which means the whole of it. This also includes the difficult parts where the Bible discusses God’s wrath against sinners. When you go to a church, you should check if they are faithful to the Bible and preach it regularly. The preachers should teach something new every week instead of repeating the same thing over and over again.

Are the leaders mutually accountable and Biblically qualified?

These days, church leadership has often begun to reflect the drive, charisma and vision that we see in our politicians. The ‘successful’ Christian leaders often pen down books on leadership that are based more upon marketing and management than on Scripture. You don’t want to go to a church with these leaders. Look for a church whose leaders and preachers are Biblically qualified and mutually accountable such as

Does the Church have a loving and peaceful community?

The best church is one that accepts everyone into their family, regardless of their age, gender, social background, ethnicity or differences on secondary issues. You don’t want to join a church that’s rife with conflict. Instead, you want a place that welcomes you into their peaceful community and preaches the message of God in the best possible way.

Consider all the qualities outlined above and then decide what church you want to visit for staying closer to God.

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