Top Signs He’s Into You

Top Signs He’s Into You

Is he interested? You may have your eye on a special guy that you really like and now you are wondering how he feels about you. Does he want to be more than friends or is he just being the nice guy? While different guys act differently around girls they are interested in, there are some telltale signs and actions that almost every guy will do around the girl they like. What are they? Read on to find out:

  • He is constantly smiling around you.

If a guy is smiling around you almost constantly, the reason behind his smile is probably you. It is even better if he smiles while looking into your eyes. A good indicator of his feelings is to see if he brightens up the instant you walk into a room.

  • He gives you compliments frequently.

A guy is definitely paying attention to your positive traits if he is quick to give you compliments. This is even more telling if the compliments are directed at special and unique things such as your heart or your talent because these compliments are heartfelt.

  • He wants to know more about you.

He may probably want to get to know you better if he is asking a lot of questions about yourself. It is possible that he may be trying to find out your interest in him.

  • He tries to be alone with you.

Trying to get alone? Warning bells going off? Don’t think negatively. Chances are that a guy is trying to spend some alone time with you so he can get to know you. He may want to reveal his feelings to you or may not want distractions around when he is spending some quality time with you.

  • He brags a little bit.

When a guy is bragging about things around you, he is just trying to make himself desirable to you. He may talk about his achievements, the awards he has won or the sports he is good at. If you want him to realize you appreciate him, you can build him up or even make a move.

  • He tries to get you to laugh.

When a guy tries to get a girl to laugh, he cares about how she reacts to him. He wants you to realize that he is fully capable of making you happy and satisfying you. You can give his confidence a boost by laughing at his jokes and appreciating him.

  • He stands up for you.

Standing up for a girl may seem uncool and difficult to some guys, but when he is really defending you, it tells you that he is disregarding other’s opinions and simply acting on the way he feels about you. This is a telling sign because it shows that he is willing to sacrifice his reputation for you.

  • He touches you while talking.

A guy is subconsciously expressing how he feels about you when he touches you on your cheek, arm, and hair or somewhere while talking to you.

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