Top Tips for Learning English Faster

Top Tips for Learning English Faster

If you are looking for a fun language to learn, there is none better than English. Plus, it also comes in handy because it is the most widely used language. English is regarded as a relatively easy and accessible language to learn, but with 750,000 words and spellings, even the most skilled learner is thrown off. Thus, learning English fast may seem impossible. The good news is that it can be done, as long as you use the right strategy. Here are some tips that can help you in achieving your goal of learning English faster:

Read everything and anything you can get your hands on

Newspapers, paperbacks, classic literature, emails, websites, social media feed and even cereal boxes; read everything. This kind of content comprises of a ton of new vocabulary, which can aid you in learning quickly. You will also find words that you already know and this re-exposure will give you additional examples in content thereby reinforcing them in your mind. The more words and expressions you learn, the better your English will be.

Note down new vocabulary

Every time you learn a new world, it seems so new and interesting, you don’t think you will forget it. But, you are human after all and this means that things are bound to slip. In order to ensure you don’t forget the words you are learning, it is best to carry around a notebook with you. Whenever you come across a new word or expression, make a note of it. However, remember that you should write it in context i.e. with a sentence so you can make sense of it later.

Talk to people

Simply reading English is not going to be enough. You also need to talk to people who actually speak English. It is a fact that speaking a language will allow it to stick to your head faster instead of just writing and reading. You will hear from a number of people who understand English, but are unable to speak it. Talking becomes a huge insurmountable barrier and the best way to eliminate it is by speaking to native speakers.

Subscribe to YouTube channels

Do you like blogging? Cooking? Humor? With topics pertaining to every interest imaginable, you can find videos and podcasts on YouTube. You can subscribe to those channels and make it a priority to listen to them or watch the videos every day. You can just play them in the background while you are driving or working in the kitchen. Initially, native accents may seem difficult to comprehend, but if you stick to them, you will succeed learning English.

Use your friends

Do you have any friends who are fluent in English? It is time to ask them for assistance. Ask them as many questions as you want. When you start learning a language, you are undoubtedly going to have queries and it is best to ask and clear any confusion so you can learn the right way.

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