Two Unique Themes Ideas For A Perfect Christmas Party

Two Unique Themes Ideas For A Perfect Christmas Party

Christmas is a very special occasion to enjoy spiritual and festive happiness together. There are various ideas for Christmas party that can make your day extra special. Sometimes, a good Christmas party can be enjoyed simply by sitting beside a roaring log fire and having chit chat along with enjoying traditional drinks.Even if you don’t have a real fireplace on your venue, you can still enjoy this cozy and comforting feeling by playing a fireplace video during the Christmas party. This will set a nice warming mood in the venue and mesmerize your guests with an ideal cozy effect.

Christmas makes the best occasion for a seasonal gathering. You can celebrate this festive holiday with more fun by having a different approach to break away from traditional ways and do something unique. To do this, you can choose a different theme for the gathering and carry it on throughout the party planning. Make sure that your chosen theme applies on invitations, costumes, fancy dresses, music and food.

Following are some theme ideas for Christmas party:

Disco 70’s Christmas Party:

You can make your festive holiday more interesting with disco 70’s theme. It’s a 70’s inspired party idea which involves fancy dresses, music, and dance floor to have lots of fun together. The range of fancy items for disco 70’s theme can range from the shimmering skinny shirts to hippy-style fringed suede to giant bell bottom flairs and colorful velvet trousers. You can also encourage your guests to come with new ideas for fancy dresses for your disco-themed Christmas party.It will also be good to have a mirrored disco ball for your dance floor and place appropriate lightening to reflect off the ball in order to get the best effect. For example, Lava lamps can be strategically placed in dark corner for a pleasant look. When it comes to beverage, choose classic drinks from the 70’s, for example, Chinzano, tequila sunrise and Pina colada Martini to enjoy the full authenticity. Disco themed party goes with music and so you must opt for the music genre that best suits to your Christmas party theme. Dancing Queen, andNight Fever can be some good tracks to get your guests on dancing floor and enjoy the party.

Circus-Themed Christmas party

 With bright colors, bunting and streamers, the excitement of a circus-themed party offers a unique idea to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends. You can start with table decorations using white and red table cloths. If you have spacious room, then consider creating a big top effect by using a canopy decorated with fairy lights and bold contrasting fabric. Settle up and decorate tables using circus stalls for carnaval-themed fooditems to further enhance the effect. You can also look for popcorn and candyfloss machines in order to give a delightful experience to your guests during the celebrations. Performers with circus related activities such as clowns, fire waters and jugglers can also be hired to add authentic entertainment to your party.

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