Types of Physician Assistant Jobs

Types of Physician Assistant Jobs

Everyone is aware that healthcare jobs are very respectable and can offer you a myriad of benefits. However, there are lots of individuals who want to be a part of this field because they are interested in treating patients, but they have no desire to complete eight years of postsecondary medical education. If you are also one of these people, then you have the option of becoming a physician assistant. According to statistics, this is one of the top health jobs and it can prove to be very rewarding. A physician assistant has the responsibility of providing medical care to patients. They work alongside surgeons and doctors performing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative healthcare services.

The job description of physician assistant jobs involves examining patients, diagnosing illnesses and ordering laboratory tests. When you do a search for health jobs such as that of a physician assistant, you will find that there are several types available. Some of the common physician assistant jobs that you can find are outlined below:

Primary Care

Most physician assistants are employed in a doctor’s office. These can range from pediatrics and family practice. In these settings, an assistant can obtain the medical history of the patient, administer care to them as instructed by the doctor and review the results of their tests. A steady schedule is offered by these jobs and there is only a small variation in duties. Physician assistants are employed on a regular basis in rural health clinics for offering care because there is a shortage of doctors.


There are many roles that can be performed by a physician assistant in a hospital setting. This includes working in the surgical departments or in emergency. They may work for a number of hours and may remain on call. Their duties may include ordering x-rays and tests, working directly with patients, suturing wounds, setting fractures, updating patient charts and ordering medical supplies.

Specialty Care

There are plenty of physician assistants who work as paramedics, nurses or emergency medical technicians before they are given their license. You can choose to work as a physician assistant in specialty care such as orthopedics, neurology and cardiology. Another option that you can explore is to work in public health agencies, nursing homes and clinics for handling lab work, routine patient care, x-rays and further specialized care.

Physician assistant jobs can provide you with a lot of satisfaction because you will be able to help people and you don’t have to worry about malpractice insurance or administrative responsibilities. Furthermore, as a physician assistant, you will also have the opportunity of providing help to patients who don’t have access to healthcare or their access is limited. However, before you start doing a medical jobs search, bear in mind that there are some educational requirements you need to fulfill. This also pertains to the job of physician assistants as you have to complete a fulltime two year program, which is mostly offered by medical schools, hospitals and other academic health centers.

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