Un Report Says Israel Was Involved In Attacks On Palestinian Shelters

Un Report Says Israel Was Involved In Attacks On Palestinian Shelters

Several schools in Gaza were attacked during the war that took place last year. These were UN schools and United Nations had inquired into the matter to find out the facts about the attacks on Palestinian shelters. The recent report says clearly that it Israel involved in these attacks directly.

Secretary General of United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, has clearly talked about the attacks, the findings of the report and Israel’s role in the attacks.

He said that he strictly condemns what Israel did by attacking UN schools in Gaza resulting in the killing of 44 Palestinians. Nearly 250 more people were injured in these attacks. He further said that the people in those emergency shelters were actually expecting Israeli forces to give them protection but their hopes were broken and proven otherwise.

He further promised that actions will be taken in future to ensure that no such incidents ever happen again. The inquiry was made into the attacks that were carried out last year on UNRWA-run schools. However, there were some other details included in the report that showed that the schools were also being used for other purposes than only providing shelters to the refugees.

When the attacks were made the schools were empty. However, the secretary general further added that he found it condemnable that these schools were being used as storage houses for various types of weapons. According to the report the schools had also been used for firing missiles and launching attacks on two occasions in the past.

This somehow gives authentication to the opinion given by Israel every time. Israeli government officials have constantly stated that these schools were being used for storing weapons and firing by Hamas. Furthermore, the officials claimed that Hamas was also using the children and people in these schools as human shields.

Foreign ministry of Israel has assured UN that criminal investigations will be made into the matter of attacks on the shelters and those who were involved in these attacks will be brought under justice.

Emmanuel Nahshon, the foreign ministry spokesman, further added by saying that Israel always tries its best to take care of the sensitive sites but the militants on the other side have been using these places to their advantage. She also said that the terrorists using these sites were not discriminating among Israelis or Palestinians and were making both sides their targets in their missions.

It must be remembered here that the war of Gaza killed more than 2200 Palestinians. Moreover, 73 Israelis were also killed in this war and the property and architectural damage was also huge. It was due to the involvement of Egypt that this war had come to an end.

Currently, press has been concerned whether the case will be taken to international court. Farhan Haq, a spokesperson of UN, said that UN would not like to comment on what happens to the case or if it gets picked by International Criminal Court or not. He said the UN had made the inquiry into the matter and its job was only to that part.

Ban Ki-Moon said that a group of UN officials, mostly senior and experienced, had been formed by him in order to counsel him on what needs to be done about the matter in future.

UNRWA had been communicating constantly with Israeli military forces on a daily basis and had been informing them about the exact location of emergency shelters according to the report.

The report further gave details about the attacks that were made by Israeli military forces on the schools and shelters. The report says that a missile was fired by Israeli forces on these schools on August 3 but the missile was not directly targeting the school. It was actually meant to hit three militants who were escaping the scene on a motorcycle. This badly targeted attack killed 15 people in the school in Rafah.

An explanation of the incident was given by Israeli government. The Israeli Government stated that the missile was fired at the militants on the motorcycle but at the very last moment it was realized that it would kill not only the militants but also hit the school. However, by the time it was realized it was already too late to stop the missile from being fired.

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