Ways to Style a Classic Navy Blazer

Ways to Style a Classic Navy Blazer

Trends tend to come and go in the fashion world, but as far as menswear is concerned, there are rarely any changes in the core basics of what comprise a lasting and classic wardrobe. There are a few items that don’t wane with the seasons and it is a good thing they don’t. The classic navy blazer is chief amongst these wardrobe staples that never go out of style. It is no longer the exclusive uniform old money New England types and private school boys. It has truly become a fashion element for any well-dressed man. This jacket is in no way a limiting garment. As a matter of fact, its simplicity makes it quite versatile.

Here are a handful of ways that you can wear this closet workhorse:

Dress it up

Dressing up a blazer is one of the easiest ways of wearing it. When paired with grey dress slacks and a crisp white shirt, a necktie in a conservative stripe, small pattern or solid color and shiny black lace ups, you will have an outfit that’s suitable for almost any occasion where a man is required to look presentable and at its best. As a matter of fact, it is the only combination of trousers and jacket that substitutes for a suit in a jiffy as all other alternatives come off as too casual. This ensemble is appropriate for job interviews, weddings or even for a dinner at a nice restaurant and can also be stylish.

Finding middle ground

When you use its natural counterpart i.e. the classic cotton khakis for pairing with the blazer, you will get a polished and clean look with only taking a step down the ladder of formality. Using the same set of conservative ties, brown loafers and an Oxford button down collar shirt, you can achieve a comfortable and laid back look, which can show the world that you do have dressing sense.

Cocktail Casual

Summer is the time for colors, whether it is a man’s or a woman’s wardrobe. While adding color is fun, some guys find it too difficult to do. Some great pieces that will work really well for dinners on the seaside deck or outdoor cocktail parties include chinos in canary yellow, Kelly green, Nantucket red (coral pink) or wild patch madras. Use a simple white tennis shirt for pairing with the bold pant in the color of your choice and tie the whole look down with your navy blazer. There is no need for socks as you can use boat shoes or penny loafers for finishing the look.


You can even wear the blazer with your denims. These past few years, dark denim has become quite popular, but a faded one can also be used as it contrasts well with the navy blazer. A double-breasted blazer can also be used for pairing with the casualness offered by jeans in order to create a bold look. Use brown shoes and a good dress shirt for completing the look.

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