What Avengers Age Of Ultron Has To Offer To Movie Watchers

What Avengers: Age Of Ultron Has To Offer To Movie Watchers

The sequel to The Avengers, which was released in 2012, has finally been released. The Avengers was a huge success in 2012 and with one nomination for Oscars and thousands of great reviews the movie currently holds rank 198 on IMDb’s top 250 movies. As of now the sequel, called Avengers: Age Of Ultron, has received more positive reviews than negative ones. There is a lot to talk about this movie but most of it is positive. There are a few complaints from various critics here and there but the overall receiving of the movie has been great.

Avengers: the age of Ultron is currently holding 8.2 points on IMDb – ranking with same points as its predecessor. However, we can’t rely on that rating for now since the movie has just been released on May 01, 2015. At the moment the movie has already grossed more than $630 million. Two more sequels will be following it and are expected to be released in 2018 and 2019. The movie revolves around superheroes and how they fight the evil forces to save the world. Based on Marvel comics the movie has been directed by Joss Whedon and is the 11th entry into MCU completed projects.

The movie starts with Tony Stark trying to revive a peacekeeping program. Things don’t go as planned and hence Ultron takes birth. Ultron is the technologically empowered evil force in the movie that’s only intended to reduce humans in the world to extinction. Superheroes come together despite some uneasiness to save their planet and fight this evil force. While the action movie watchers will love the fact that the movie is nearly 2 and a half hour long, some people have actually complained about its length. They either got bored or felt that too much of too much was happening.

The movie has a lot of humor and a lot of action too. Those who like humor will enjoy the bantering of the superheroes a lot in this movie. Viewers will also love the fact that Thor is also part of some of the funniest scenes in the movie. There are a lot of subplots in this movie. The number of subplots in the movie has received mixed reactions from critics. Some have called it a jumbled up presentation of many forgettable subplots while others have admired them. There is some romance and drama in the movie too.

The movie might not be the most appropriate for kids since there are some cleavage exposures and some bad language usage from few of the superheroes. There are many self-referential jokes in the movie wherein the superheroes make jokes on their own roles and super powers. Most reviewing websites have called the movie satisfactory. At the same time, we must not forget that this sequel has opened with 44% more revenue than its previous installment. In Mexico the movie also broke the opening day record. All in all, the movie is worth watching and as most reviewers have agreed, you have to watch it on big screen to experience its grandeur.

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