What Can Heavy Metals Do To Your Body And How To Get Rid Of Them?

What Can Heavy Metals Do To Your Body And How To Get Rid Of Them?

Heavy metals are used all around the world in the making of various instruments, devices, vehicles and machines we use on a daily basis. In that form they are good for us. However, when it comes to their presence in our bodies, they are our enemies. They can cause several health problems in our bodies if their presence exceeds a moderate amount. Due to several problems including pollution and contamination of our water reservoirs we have become prone to the intake of these metals. This in turn has been causing us a lot of damage.

The most common metals that accumulate in our bodies are lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum etc. The effects of these metals in our bodies can be extremely dangerous. From small headaches to diseases that are fatal in nature can be caused by these metals. Some common health conditions related to the presence of mercury in the body are hypertension, problems with memory, heart attacks, kidney failures, autoimmune disorders etc. Lead can also cause hypertension in humans and result in behavioral changes in a person too. It has also been associated with several problems related to the bones and entire skeletal system in humans.

Similarly, aluminum, iron and cadmium can cause a lot of health issues in humans too. There are several sources from which these heavy metals find their ways into human bodies. Most of the dangerous heavy metals like lead and aluminum enter human bodies through the intake of water. The pipelines, utensils used for cooking food, smoke and smell coming from nearby industries, the smoke from vehicles, processed foods etc. are common sources of heavy metals. The more they accumulate in the body the more damage they cause. However, there are ways to free your body from these heavy metals.

Several detox methods have been devised now in order to get rid of the heavy metals in the body. Most people who tried these methods have claimed that they are rejuvenated after going through the detox methods. The detoxification can be done through foods, dietary regimens or other technological methods. Liquid fasting is one method of detoxifying the body from these heavy metals. Taking fruits with great detoxification effects can also be a great way to detox your body. Fruits that are considered best for detox diets include tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, oranges and limes.

Fish are considered a big source of heavy metals especially mercury. Avoid any dental work that uses fillings that contain mercury. Ask the doctor the vaccine you are being given is free of heavy metals and mercury in specific. You could also use detox patches that are easily available from stores now and online. These patches are applied to feet or other parts of the body to attract the heavy metals from the body. Detox foot spas are also great places where you can go through the relaxing process of detoxification. Lastly, make sure you don’t have old leaded paint on the walls of your house.

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