Who Would You Like to Get Your DNA in Cloud; Amazon or Google?

Who Would You Like to Get Your DNA in Cloud; Amazon or Google?

Amazon Inc. is racing against Google Inc. for storing data on human DNA and is after obtaining bragging rights in assisting scientists for making new medical discoveries regarding DNA in cloud. It is also seeking to gain market share in a business, which may have a value of about $1 billion by 2018. Healthcare companies and academic institutions are choosing sides between the offerings of cloud companies such as Amazon Web Services and Google Genomics. This has spurred both companies against each other as both attempt to win high-profile genomics business, according to information provided by analysts, industry consultants and researchers.

Among other forces, the growth is compelled the demand for personalized medicine, which aims to focus treatments of an individual based on their DNA profile. Enormous quantities of data would be needed for making this a reality in order to reveal how specific genetic profiles respond to a variety of treatments. Already, drug manufacturers and universities have embarked upon projects for sequencing the genomes of thousands of people. The human genome is a complete copy of genetic material or DNA, which can be found in almost each cell of the body. Amazon and Google are seen by clients as doing a good job at stories genomics data as opposed to what they can do on their own.

This is due to the fact that these firms are able to keep it secure, control the costs and enable it to be shared easily. The cloud companies have expanded beyond storage for offering analytical functions that would allow scientists to understand the DNA data. International Business Machines and Microsoft are also competing for a share in the cloud market. The ‘cloud’ refers to software or data that’s contained in a server physically and can be accessed via the internet, thereby letting users view the data without having to download it onto their PCs and devices.

The cloud genomics market is currently about $100 million and $300 million globally, but it is expected to expand to $1 billion in three years. By that time, the revenue of the cloud market will also see a rise from $30 billion currently to about $50 and $75 billion annually. This has been predicted by analysts and market experts. In the 1990s, Craig Venter headed a private effort made for sequencing the human genome. He said in an interview that cloud is the whole future of this market.

His San-Diego based firm called Human Longevity Inc. recently attempted importing genomic data from servers located at the J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, Maryland. Due to the slowness of the transmission, scientists had to send thumb drives and disks via FedEx. Now, the company has decided to use Amazon Web Services for this task. Various other companies like Geisinger Health Systems based in Pennsylvania use Amazon for uploading their data to the cloud in order to sequence about 250,000 genomes. The cloud is where a genome is assembled by a software using millions of chunks as they have the proper algorithm of doing so.

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