Why Use Emojis in Personal Communication

Why Use Emojis in Personal Communication

The small icons such as winking eyes, smiley faces, hearts of all colors, shapes and sizes, which we use in our texts, social media posts and emails are defined as emojis. The traditional emoji keyboard has changed considerably over the years and now includes emojis of every possible human feeling. These days, the use of emojis has become quite popular because they are great for increasing the precision and nuance of our often open-to-misunderstanding and brief communications. They are a representation of an old saying; a picture is worth a thousand words. An emoji keyboard doesn’t label every emoji on it so the meaning depends on the user.

However, people usually understand emojis on context because they typically telegraph an easily identified feeling or thought. Emojis can come in really handy for adding clarity and tone to your communication. There are an infinite number of ways you can use any of the emojis on an emoji keyboard, but some of the top reasons why they are used in personal communication are outlined as follows:

Lightening the mood

Life can often be complicated and people have their share of problems and issues to deal with. Therefore, everyone can use a bit change of pace in their personal communications and this is where emojis can be useful. When instant messaging or simply texting, people use the emojis provided on the emoji keyboard to lighten the mood and express something fun. You automatically smile when you see a fun emoji and this can be a great way of relieving stress.

Softening the blow

Sometimes you have something negative to say to someone. Obviously, it is not easy for everyone and you probably don’t want to hurt the other person’s feeling. Since they are not with you, they cannot see how difficult it is for you to confess something or come clean. You may appear rude or mean and that’s not something you want. You can use the emojis offered to soften the blow. There are plenty of emojis for expressing a world of emotions and you can pair several to convey your expressions, thoughts and feelings. The use of emojis is also known to make a conversation more personal and take out the formality.

Expressing comfortably

Some things are better said verbally or in person, but not in the written form. Not everyone is good at writing and this can be a major downside because you don’t want to create a misunderstanding. For instance, not everyone is comfortable in putting a hug or kiss in writing, but they are more comfortable in sending an emoji of the same for expressing their feelings.

Words are not enough

An emoji keyboard offers you endless emojis for conveying your message so even when words fail you, emojis will still be there. When you find it difficult to say something or write something, use emojis instead and your message will be understood. This can save a great deal of hassle and help in avoiding any communication issues.

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